Wednesday, November 30, 2011

President Felipe Calderón Attends Presentation of Mexico, The Royal Tour
Mexican President Felipe Calderón attended the premier of the Mexico, The Royal Tour program, produced by US public television station PBS.

The program is designed to promote tourism to Mexico abroad.

During the presentation, President Calderón met with company directors, tourist operators, businessmen and cinema and television producers interested in highlighting the importance of tourism and promoting the production of foreign films in Mexico.

In the course of the meeting, the president explained that Mexico is one of the best choices for a travel or investment destination in the tourist sector as well as in the movie industry.

Production of the Mexico, The Royal Tour program forms part of Mexico’s strategy for promoting tourism abroad, contemplated in the National Tourism Agreement signed by President Felipe Calderón in February of this year.

This program was recorded in ten days, during which the production team visited Baja California Sur, Campeche, Chiapas, Chihuahua, Mexico State, Jalisco, Michoacán, Quintana Roo, San Luis Potosí and Yucatán and the Federal District.

The Royal Tour, conducted by journalist Peter Greenberg, is one of the best known programs in tourist promotion. It has previously been recorded in countries such as Jordon, New Zealand, Peru and Jamaica, where it boosted tourist promotion internationally, attracting a larger number of tourists.

President Calderón was accompanied by his wife, Margarita Zavala, Mexican Ambassador to the United States, Arturo Sarukhán Casamitjana, Tourism Secretary Gloria Guevara Manzo and Health Secretary, Salomón Chertorivski Woldenberg.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Can Foreigners own land in México?

The Mexican Constitution, passed in to law in 1917, created what is called the "Restricted Zone". This Restricted Zone is 100 kilometer (62 miles) from the borders and 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the coast. And in this Restricted Zone only Mexican can own the land.

In the 1960's the Mexican government recognized that there was a lot more money outside Mexico that inside Mexico. To attract foreign investment, a Bill passed in 1970 created a legal way for foreigners to invest in Mexico. This new law allowed the creation of a trust ("Fidecomiso" in Spanish) with a Mexican bank holds the title and administers the trust, thereby satisfying the Constitutional requirement for Mexican ownership in the Restricted Zone. The foreigner is the beneficiary of the trust and control the land (rents,sells,improves, whatever...)Because of this 1970 Fideicomiso Bill, major foreign investment flowed into Mexican and we witnessed the developments of Riviera Maya,  Cancun y Cozumel. Read More

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

City permit update

Mayor Filiberto Martinez Mendez pulled back a project that aimed to designate an area of  Playa del Carmen for cyclists. The reason:  because it prevented six people from keeping their jobs.

According to Durán Alonso Rodriguez, who was CEO of Urban Environmental Management of the past administration- ¨the business idea had made all preparations to jump-start the project "Bike Beach." Bike Beach is a program that allows five modules thruout town where people can request a free bike to ride. It is patterned off of similar models in small european towns. All documents will be revised during the last phase of the Mayors term regarding the program.


Sandra Bajares, with a public relations executive marketing firm, explained what his project is about:  Basically, in order to use a bike a foreigner simply had to leave  an official document like a passport,  or drivers license, and the the loan would not exceed two hours to give continuity to bicycles.
Although the ideas of the Entrepreneurs avoided saying something about the decision to stop the "Beach Bike" program and make way for "Cycling for All" program, it is still a postive side of growth that is desired by all involved. For more information regarding the latest real estate and permit updates please contact our offices at 

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Construction of Naval Station gets underway in Cozumel

The construction of the Naval Station Search and Rescue (Ensar, for its acronym in English) of the Department of the Navy (Semar) will begin on January 2012.  The new station will be located on the coastal road south of the island, said the commander of the Naval Sector Fernando Arturo Castanon Zamacona.

The Semar has local and federal permits to begin construction.  The cost is more than 73 million pesos. Dredging and marking the designated area for the port began surveying. The agency will be responsible for minimizing its affect on the flora and fauna.

Quintana Roo, now has only one Ensar located in the municipality of Isla Mujeres. Its primary function is to locate shipwrecks or missing persons at sea and emergency medical care. Zamacona Castanon said the property was transferred on August 22 by the Commission of the Federal Maritime Zone (Zofemat). The construction of the Ensar, is located 3.5 kilometers of the coastal road- near the  beach club known as "The Middle Palapita."

He added that they have taken the steps to the City Council and the federation and is expected to grant the 73 million pesos for the construction of a naval station. He said that a multidisciplinary group of works and dredging of the Marina, consisting of surveyors, electrical specialists, architects and engineers, are conducting the studies needed for construction. The work would begin in January 2012 and would last three months. For more information regarding contruction and permits in Playa Del Carmen contact our offices at 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

update on cruise ships

With strong wave conditions generated by the front number 11, the Port Captain closed some local landing ports. Florentino José Gallardo, said yesterday morning several ports were open to navigation lower due to the geographical configuration of the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Strong northerly winds which were felt from earlier in the week did not affect normal activities on the coast.

The swell during the day was three to six feet in height. The afternoon brought with it  rise the level to eight feet and move northeast winds was issued for closing lower for navigation and water sports. "The north wind is no affective use for navigation, the problem is when it changes to the northeast or north-northwest," he said.Florentino Garcia said currently 428 existing water permits, totaling 730 vessels that circulate in the coastal solidarense between kayaks, sailboats, catamarans, fishing boats and yachts, among others.

He said that at present there is no scheduled arrivals of cruise ships, as the port of Punta Venado only comes every 15 days Elaction Carnival cruise, while on Monday is expected the arrival of the cargo ship from New Orleans and will continue to return to Corpus Christi. For more information on the latest permitting and zoning issues conact us as 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Special Date 11.11.11



The train is approaching the station, you can hear the whistle blow as it is winds around the corner into view. There is a gentle rumbling beneath your feet as it slows down to align with the boarding platform. You glance down at the ticket in your hand and notice that the present station reads, “Been There, Done That”. As you turn the ticket over the new destination reads, “My Life’s True Happiness”. While you sit and ponder the possibilities of where this might take you, the conductor calls out, “All aboard, last call!”.

The date of 11.11.11 is one of the most powerful shifts in human awareness that we will experience in our lifetime. It is a rare opportunity to release lifetimes of karmic scripting and ancestral entrapment. Entrapment in the sense of the conscious and unconscious habit patterns which have us wondering why we can’t seem to actualize the life we really want to have, and know is possible. 11-11-11 is the cosmic birth date of humanities prayer for liberation from the rote, mundane, and monotonous. Many people are presently feeling, “I can’t go on like this anymore, I just can’t live like this another day.”  While we long for that which is original and exciting, we may feel burdened by the fear of not knowing the consequences of the changes we desire. So many stay trapped in the generational karma of, “Well, my father was a cobbler, so I guess I’ll always be one too.” Or, “My mother did what she was told, so I better play it safe too.”

You don’t need to imagine there is a burning hell in some other dimension, because both these situations can feel like a living hell over time. The problem can never be solved at the level of  the problem. A higher frequency needs to be introduced in order to shift what Yogi  Bhjan calls the ”flow of the psyche”.  At the “Miracle of the Healing Hands” course in New Mexico he further stated, “All healing comes from the ability to shift the flow of the psyche”. How will we do this? The fantastic news is, it’s much simpler than you might imagine. Eleven is the sound current of Infinity, and sound is one of the most powerful ways we can heal ourselves. Mantras contain a frequency of sound which is a healing force that is available to us all. When we join together with others to chant, mediate, and pray, the energy is mega-amplified beyond what can be generated on our own. If you would like to learn more about starting a new life and explore a different karma in Playa Del Carmen, MX please contact our offices at ...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Talks of a new Gas pipleline in the Riviera Maya

There are continuing talks about building a Gas pipeline for the Riviera Maya. For this vision to come to pass, it is necessary for the federal government agencies and the state and municipal levels to work together.

The coordinator of protection of the State Government, in the north, Guillermo Morales Lopez, said the pipeline of the Riviera Maya would be safe only if it is in compliance with building specifications, but the Energy Department has not requested supervision of the state to verify if the project is still running in the stretch Playa del Carmen-Tulum.

"I believe that the pipeline should be done well, sticking to the rules that have the Energy Department and the municipal authority for that installation complies with the aim of providing a good service without being a hazard to people," said Lopez. "In the federal zone where the pipeline is laid and is running thru the urban area the pipeline has to abide by the rules dictated by that the municipality.  In that sense no one else can govern it. The municipality determines those conditions that must be met to ensure personal safety and security of the facility, "he said.  For more information on the latest issues affecting real estate and development reach us at 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Up close and personal: Casa La Vida Loca

WE have an even closer look available to you now! Welcome to our youtube virtual tour or Casa La Vida Loca. As we have mentioned this wonderful custom built home in our blog before, we are happy to have this live tour available for those enthusiasts to now see.

La Vida Loca is the newest , largest, grandest vacation villa in Playa ! Beautifully designed and executed by local craftsmen, it has 5 large bedrooms and 7 baths, plus a den with 2 full futons, a circular home away from home full office including internet, huge terraces, and a private pool.

The palm tree theme is evident everywhere - in the carving on the front door- to the unique wrought iron railings. A lovely water feature greets you at the door, setting the restful tone of this villa. Enter into the grand foyer, with a view through the dining room, living room , fabulous terrace and right out to the pool. A full kitchen with an eat-in island is off to one side, while the office towers next to the staircase.

Two covered outdoor rooms surround the pool, with an outdoor bar and grill area to supplement the full kitchen. The outdoor area is very private, with a Spanish design wall and mature landscaping everywhere, leading to an intimate green space for hammocks in the shade on the other side of the waterfall.

The master bedroom and en suite bath are on this level, overlooking the garden and pool area. A double cushioned lounger is on the terrace off the bedroom, a romantic spot to nap or read a book. The office has a curved sofa that extends to make a circular Bed A full bath, laundry room, and garage are off the foyer.

Upstairs , the 4 bedrooms radiate off the huge library which has 2 double futons. Three out of 4 suites have direct access to the L shaped terraces overlooking the pool area. Three bedrooms have king beds, and one has 2 queens, to sleep up to 18 persons comfortably. 400 - 500 count linens and the highest quality mattresses are found in each room. 5 flat screen TV's provide entertainment everywhere.

To top all this , there is the dramatic roof top terrace, where you will be able to catch the sunrise or sunset in a wonderful space. There is a second bar area with fridge, built -in seating , and a dining area , plus a 1/2 bath. This is a special property- perfect for adult gatherings of friends or family. Children under the age of 10 will be considered on an individual basis. For more information please contact Leah Campbell at

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Local Development: Permitting, Zoning. Business Development.

Mayor Filiberto Martinez took to the streets of the city and s and heard the voice of citizens and discussed various approaches resolving the issues facing the city´s development. The mayor began his journey on Avenida Juárez and across into Ejido.

The City started its fourth consecutive month of this activity to communicate to the people that their living voice is heard. On this tour, Filiberto Martinez Mendez was accompanied by the treasurer, José Luis Toledo Medina, the head of Public Security and Traffic Angel Rodolfo Campos. 

The mayor visited several businesses restaurants, stoves, pharmacies, doctors, businesses engaged in the sale and repair of motorcycles and spare parts, a local carpenter and a cell phone provider. The mayor of heard the owners and managers of these businesses, and citizens in their homes and those on the street greeted him and took advantage also to voice any complaints or suggestions.

Among the concerns that were made to the mayor are the procedures relating to municipal permits, land use, and operating licenses. Even those who said they were going to arrange the necessary permits for the operation of a business, they said that it is "going to waste time at City Hall" by much red tape, another request was to improve support for business and that this could occur through the Directorate General of Economic Development.

Thanks to the highest municipal authority for priority delivery of basic services such as garbage collection, street cleaning and bridges- this allows the fact that Playa Del Carmen is a major tourist destination in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean to shine forth.

Some citizens of the area of ​​the city raised the need to "extend unobstructed sidewalks, because in some cases iron or steel cable ties buried in the sidewalk, and not hold anything."  Juan Carlos Lozano, manager of the automotive repair industry called "Evolution", requested the support of the municipal authority to acquire tarps or awnings to protect from inclement weather, sun and rain, to what the mayor will refer you to the head of the Directorate of Economic Development, to enable it to integrate apoyársele any of the programs access to some credit. For more information on construction, development, and permitting opportunities contact our offices at 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hotel occupancy after Rina

After one week has passed through the territory of Quintana Roo the effects of tropical storm Rina had a mere 5% loss in hotel occupancy. As reported by small hotels:  occupancy levels in the first week of November were 55% and by the end of October it was the target by 60%.

"No scheduled arrivals are scheduled by this date, but from the day of the storm for a day interrupted the natural flow of tourists to this destination, which affected the following week for early termination of holiday tourists "said Juan Manuel Solis, manager of a small hotel. He stressed that they are working on addressing the high season.  The low season may be low, but is not as alarming as levels in 2009 and 2010.

He explained that in the years of the low traffic from the Spanish and English, which was reflected in adverse conditions for the economy hotel industry, times are better now. "2009  fell well below market expectations, but what helps is that other markets that were incipient, grew as Canada and Central America," sidestepped.

The president of the Business Coordinating Council Riviera Maya, Gerardo Valades Victorio said the offseason has significant levels of increase, even with the effects of Rina, as has been the growth of U.S. markets. It is anticipated that the peak season will greately strengthen. According to the Mayan calendar, 2012, will attract more tourists during the winter season, so expect a greater than 25% growth at the beginning of December. For more information on development and real estate in Playa Del Carmen, please contact our offices at 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Improving the roads

The governor kept his commitment to the people of Cancun. In fulfilling the commitment announced a few days ago, Gov. Roberto Borge Angulo gave the green light for the start of resurfacing of streets in the region 75, which placed 72 thousand meters square of asphalt, with an investment of 15 million pesos to benefit 10 thousand inhabitants of that area.

The Chief Executive was joined in this act by the heads of the ministries of Infrastructure and Transport (Sintra), Mario Castro Basto, Social Development (Headquarters), Angel Rivero Palomo, Ecology and Environment (Sema), Francisco Elizondo Garrido, the deputies, Paul Carrillo de Cáceres, José de la Peña Ruiz de Chavez and Alejandro Luna Lopez, and the aldermen Marcia Alain Ferrat Mancera and Fernández Piña.

In his message he said that before the end of the year he plans to invest another 100 million pesos. It is exclusively for rehabilitation of streets in Cancun, which has already issued instructions to the ministries of Planning and Development, Finance.

He indicated that the State Government currently holds 337 million pesos in Benito Juarez.  He also stressed hydraulic concrete placement in the Industrial Zone, improvement of the distributor road and urban tourism on Bonampak Avenue stretch-Puerto Juarez. This program supports urban upgrading tourism in Puerto Morelos, equipment on the public beaches of Cancun, the resurfacing of the region 75, the highway Cancun-Isla Blanca, construction of the underpass to the SCT at the entrance to Bonfil, and drainage works in several areas. For more information on the latest real estate and development in the Riviera Maya please contact our office at 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Development Update in South Riviera- Tulum

In support of the neediest areas of the municipal of Tulum, Mayor Edith Mendoza Pino, gave the green light to the start of earthworks that will benefit colony of Veleta.

The colony Veleta is one of the colonies most marginalized in recent years because it was inhabited without any order.  This left a signifcant job Mayor Mendoza Edith Pino, who is concerned about the security and  the access of vehicles and public transportation to the colony. The project work consists of 5,700 square feet of dirt on South 18th Street and 10th Street south of the colony. With a reported investment of 855 thousand dollars that will benefit their people.

The municipal president said, "This investment is intended to increase the access of vehicles such as public transport and private-public security patrols in the colony.¨ He also noted that this work benefits the colony and has made works in other colonies of the city, however this area is one of the most marginalized by other administrations and has a considerable delay, "That's why we're working hard to give balance to its inhabitants, compared with those living in other neighborhoods that already have all their services, " He said.

Finally, the mayor of Tulum trekked through the streets together with the neighbors, who personally expressed their gratitude for the support given to the colony Veleta from the beginning of his administration. Mendoza accompanied the mayor to raise the checkered flag. For more information on the latest real estate and development work contact us at 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Who is visiting the Riviera the most?

Based on the incoming flight statistics to Cancun Airport from 2010, we´ve been able to get a clear picture at who is visiting the Riviera the most. The US is bringing in almost 5,000,000 per year via Cancun. Mexico is bringing in approximatley 4,200,000. This indicates that there is almost an equal amount of domestic and US travel occuring between the two neighboring countries for visiting this part of the the Mexican Caribbean. Canada bringing in just over 1,000,000. Europe´s Spain, UK, and the Netherlands, are bringing in approximatley 400,000. Cuba and Panama bring in approximately an additional 120,000 each. Collectively these numbers represent the annual incoming passenger flights. 

Rank        City          Note 1     Note 2                Total Passengers    
1              Mexico Mexico City                              1,994,989                
2              United States Houston, TX, USA          643,248   
3              United States New York, NY, USA,      602,566                
4              United States Dallas TX, USA               523,707  
5              United States Atlanta, GA, USA           523,122  
6              Mexico Toluca, State of Mexico            508,834  
7              Canada Toronto, Canada                        457,719  
8              United States Miami, FL, USA              452,995  
9              Mexico Monterrey, Nuevo León            438,375  
10            United States Chicago, IL, USA             381,551  
11            Canada Montréal, Canada                       342,095  
12            Spain Madrid, Spain                               296,831  
13            United States Charlotte, NC, USA         289,001  
14            United States Philadelphia, PA, USA     283,530  
15            Mexico Guadalajara, Jalisco                     263,512  
16            United States Denver, CO, USA             218,469   
17            United States Fort Lauderdale, F  L,      155,339  
18            United Kingdom London,                       155,091  
19            Panama Panama City, Panama                146,261  
20            United States Minneapolis USA            135,622  
21            United States Los Angeles, CA, USA    142,405  
22            United Kingdom Manchester,                 135,293  
23            United States Detroit, MI, USA             134,440  
24            United States Phoenix, AZ, USA            129,610  
25            Canada Calgary, Canada                         129,566  
26            United States Washington, DC, USA     124,180  
27            Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands     117,950  
28            Cuba Havana, Cuba                                 117,748  
29            Canada Vancouver, Canada                     115,447  
30            United States Baltimore, MD, USA          97,189    

Given the evidence of these statistics it is strong indicator of the continued attraction that Riviera Maya has toward the European and US- Canadian appeal. Notably, there is slight attraction beginning to form in the Easterrn Countries of Russia, Japan, China, and Taiwan. As the Riviera continues becoming an increasingly popular luxurious destination, the growth in real estate development and value will follow suit. For more information on the latest in real estate offerings contact our offices at