Monday, November 14, 2011

New Construction of Naval Station gets underway in Cozumel

The construction of the Naval Station Search and Rescue (Ensar, for its acronym in English) of the Department of the Navy (Semar) will begin on January 2012.  The new station will be located on the coastal road south of the island, said the commander of the Naval Sector Fernando Arturo Castanon Zamacona.

The Semar has local and federal permits to begin construction.  The cost is more than 73 million pesos. Dredging and marking the designated area for the port began surveying. The agency will be responsible for minimizing its affect on the flora and fauna.

Quintana Roo, now has only one Ensar located in the municipality of Isla Mujeres. Its primary function is to locate shipwrecks or missing persons at sea and emergency medical care. Zamacona Castanon said the property was transferred on August 22 by the Commission of the Federal Maritime Zone (Zofemat). The construction of the Ensar, is located 3.5 kilometers of the coastal road- near the  beach club known as "The Middle Palapita."

He added that they have taken the steps to the City Council and the federation and is expected to grant the 73 million pesos for the construction of a naval station. He said that a multidisciplinary group of works and dredging of the Marina, consisting of surveyors, electrical specialists, architects and engineers, are conducting the studies needed for construction. The work would begin in January 2012 and would last three months. For more information regarding contruction and permits in Playa Del Carmen contact our offices at 

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