Tuesday, November 15, 2011

City permit update

Mayor Filiberto Martinez Mendez pulled back a project that aimed to designate an area of  Playa del Carmen for cyclists. The reason:  because it prevented six people from keeping their jobs.

According to Durán Alonso Rodriguez, who was CEO of Urban Environmental Management of the past administration- ¨the business idea had made all preparations to jump-start the project "Bike Beach." Bike Beach is a program that allows five modules thruout town where people can request a free bike to ride. It is patterned off of similar models in small european towns. All documents will be revised during the last phase of the Mayors term regarding the program.


Sandra Bajares, with a public relations executive marketing firm, explained what his project is about:  Basically, in order to use a bike a foreigner simply had to leave  an official document like a passport,  or drivers license, and the the loan would not exceed two hours to give continuity to bicycles.
Although the ideas of the Entrepreneurs avoided saying something about the decision to stop the "Beach Bike" program and make way for "Cycling for All" program, it is still a postive side of growth that is desired by all involved. For more information regarding the latest real estate and permit updates please contact our offices at www.american-development.com 


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