Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Local Development: Permitting, Zoning. Business Development.

Mayor Filiberto Martinez took to the streets of the city and s and heard the voice of citizens and discussed various approaches resolving the issues facing the city´s development. The mayor began his journey on Avenida Juárez and across into Ejido.

The City started its fourth consecutive month of this activity to communicate to the people that their living voice is heard. On this tour, Filiberto Martinez Mendez was accompanied by the treasurer, José Luis Toledo Medina, the head of Public Security and Traffic Angel Rodolfo Campos. 

The mayor visited several businesses restaurants, stoves, pharmacies, doctors, businesses engaged in the sale and repair of motorcycles and spare parts, a local carpenter and a cell phone provider. The mayor of heard the owners and managers of these businesses, and citizens in their homes and those on the street greeted him and took advantage also to voice any complaints or suggestions.

Among the concerns that were made to the mayor are the procedures relating to municipal permits, land use, and operating licenses. Even those who said they were going to arrange the necessary permits for the operation of a business, they said that it is "going to waste time at City Hall" by much red tape, another request was to improve support for business and that this could occur through the Directorate General of Economic Development.

Thanks to the highest municipal authority for priority delivery of basic services such as garbage collection, street cleaning and bridges- this allows the fact that Playa Del Carmen is a major tourist destination in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean to shine forth.

Some citizens of the area of ​​the city raised the need to "extend unobstructed sidewalks, because in some cases iron or steel cable ties buried in the sidewalk, and not hold anything."  Juan Carlos Lozano, manager of the automotive repair industry called "Evolution", requested the support of the municipal authority to acquire tarps or awnings to protect from inclement weather, sun and rain, to what the mayor will refer you to the head of the Directorate of Economic Development, to enable it to integrate apoyársele any of the programs access to some credit. For more information on construction, development, and permitting opportunities contact our offices at www.american-development.com 


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