Saturday, November 5, 2011

Improving the roads

The governor kept his commitment to the people of Cancun. In fulfilling the commitment announced a few days ago, Gov. Roberto Borge Angulo gave the green light for the start of resurfacing of streets in the region 75, which placed 72 thousand meters square of asphalt, with an investment of 15 million pesos to benefit 10 thousand inhabitants of that area.

The Chief Executive was joined in this act by the heads of the ministries of Infrastructure and Transport (Sintra), Mario Castro Basto, Social Development (Headquarters), Angel Rivero Palomo, Ecology and Environment (Sema), Francisco Elizondo Garrido, the deputies, Paul Carrillo de Cáceres, José de la Peña Ruiz de Chavez and Alejandro Luna Lopez, and the aldermen Marcia Alain Ferrat Mancera and Fernández Piña.

In his message he said that before the end of the year he plans to invest another 100 million pesos. It is exclusively for rehabilitation of streets in Cancun, which has already issued instructions to the ministries of Planning and Development, Finance.

He indicated that the State Government currently holds 337 million pesos in Benito Juarez.  He also stressed hydraulic concrete placement in the Industrial Zone, improvement of the distributor road and urban tourism on Bonampak Avenue stretch-Puerto Juarez. This program supports urban upgrading tourism in Puerto Morelos, equipment on the public beaches of Cancun, the resurfacing of the region 75, the highway Cancun-Isla Blanca, construction of the underpass to the SCT at the entrance to Bonfil, and drainage works in several areas. For more information on the latest real estate and development in the Riviera Maya please contact our office at 

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