Thursday, November 10, 2011

Talks of a new Gas pipleline in the Riviera Maya

There are continuing talks about building a Gas pipeline for the Riviera Maya. For this vision to come to pass, it is necessary for the federal government agencies and the state and municipal levels to work together.

The coordinator of protection of the State Government, in the north, Guillermo Morales Lopez, said the pipeline of the Riviera Maya would be safe only if it is in compliance with building specifications, but the Energy Department has not requested supervision of the state to verify if the project is still running in the stretch Playa del Carmen-Tulum.

"I believe that the pipeline should be done well, sticking to the rules that have the Energy Department and the municipal authority for that installation complies with the aim of providing a good service without being a hazard to people," said Lopez. "In the federal zone where the pipeline is laid and is running thru the urban area the pipeline has to abide by the rules dictated by that the municipality.  In that sense no one else can govern it. The municipality determines those conditions that must be met to ensure personal safety and security of the facility, "he said.  For more information on the latest issues affecting real estate and development reach us at 

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