Thursday, November 3, 2011

Who is visiting the Riviera the most?

Based on the incoming flight statistics to Cancun Airport from 2010, we´ve been able to get a clear picture at who is visiting the Riviera the most. The US is bringing in almost 5,000,000 per year via Cancun. Mexico is bringing in approximatley 4,200,000. This indicates that there is almost an equal amount of domestic and US travel occuring between the two neighboring countries for visiting this part of the the Mexican Caribbean. Canada bringing in just over 1,000,000. Europe´s Spain, UK, and the Netherlands, are bringing in approximatley 400,000. Cuba and Panama bring in approximately an additional 120,000 each. Collectively these numbers represent the annual incoming passenger flights. 

Rank        City          Note 1     Note 2                Total Passengers    
1              Mexico Mexico City                              1,994,989                
2              United States Houston, TX, USA          643,248   
3              United States New York, NY, USA,      602,566                
4              United States Dallas TX, USA               523,707  
5              United States Atlanta, GA, USA           523,122  
6              Mexico Toluca, State of Mexico            508,834  
7              Canada Toronto, Canada                        457,719  
8              United States Miami, FL, USA              452,995  
9              Mexico Monterrey, Nuevo León            438,375  
10            United States Chicago, IL, USA             381,551  
11            Canada Montréal, Canada                       342,095  
12            Spain Madrid, Spain                               296,831  
13            United States Charlotte, NC, USA         289,001  
14            United States Philadelphia, PA, USA     283,530  
15            Mexico Guadalajara, Jalisco                     263,512  
16            United States Denver, CO, USA             218,469   
17            United States Fort Lauderdale, F  L,      155,339  
18            United Kingdom London,                       155,091  
19            Panama Panama City, Panama                146,261  
20            United States Minneapolis USA            135,622  
21            United States Los Angeles, CA, USA    142,405  
22            United Kingdom Manchester,                 135,293  
23            United States Detroit, MI, USA             134,440  
24            United States Phoenix, AZ, USA            129,610  
25            Canada Calgary, Canada                         129,566  
26            United States Washington, DC, USA     124,180  
27            Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands     117,950  
28            Cuba Havana, Cuba                                 117,748  
29            Canada Vancouver, Canada                     115,447  
30            United States Baltimore, MD, USA          97,189    

Given the evidence of these statistics it is strong indicator of the continued attraction that Riviera Maya has toward the European and US- Canadian appeal. Notably, there is slight attraction beginning to form in the Easterrn Countries of Russia, Japan, China, and Taiwan. As the Riviera continues becoming an increasingly popular luxurious destination, the growth in real estate development and value will follow suit. For more information on the latest in real estate offerings contact our offices at

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