Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The global warming increases the risk of Hurricanes in the Caribbean

Hurricane Ivan
Undeniably for years the global warming in the earth has started. In many regions of the world, you can observe changes. In some places the climate temperatures increase in the extreme and in some other regions, the seasons no longer exist.

In Arctic, the climate is warmer, consequently,the water cannot freeze anymore. The existing ices melt and the sea and ocean level rise up every year of 1 to 2 centimeters.

Deserts become dryer, the water disappears. In the Caribbean, the climate gets warmer. As the temperature of the air, and the water doesn’t cool down, the barometric pressure of the Caribbean is lower, which favors the creation of the hurricane. Indeed, the hurricane draws its strength in the warmth of the atmosphere.  The outcome of not having a TROPICAL region cooled down may end up in a hurricane.  As the air here doesn’t cool down because the global warming heats up the region, the risk of hurricanes is higher every year. 

This year, next year, in two years, a hurricane can form and hit the Riviera Maya terribly. Our chance regarding this natural catastrophe is this following: It is the only natural catastrophe you can protect yourself from. 

Mexican Beach during a hurricane
As the buildings down here in the Riviera Maya are all made in concrete reinforced by steel, they will stay up and will provide you security for you, your family and for the objects inside your home. The weaken points are doors and windows that need to be protected and reinforced! Forget the wood! Why? Simply because the wood is not resistant enough to face the strength of a raged hurricane! By using wood, one this later will be blown off by the hurricane, the wood fragment will become another threat as they will turn into projectiles! Another danger you will have to protect yourself from.

AstroGuard Product- 100% secure
Do not lie to yourself and let make it simple and clear. There is no way to protect yourself or your house if you don’t use the adequate product. So far, the best product known on the market is a American product called Astro Guard. It is used in the United States in the hurricanes regions as Louisiana or Florida.  The product was tested with the best and strongest machines. None of them has been able to tear the product into pieces or even to break it. The product is made of balistic nylon. The product has a double layer. So far, it has been and is the best product of the market. In contrary to its competitor products, it fulfills all the requirements to face the hurricane level 5! (5 levels exist to determine the strength and the dangerousness of a hurricane- the 5th level is the strongest one).

The other products are competent for the 1st or 2nd level. Regarding the other levels of dangerousness, only Astro Guard is really competent and effective.

Never think that a hurricane level 5 will never happen. Remember Katrina, remember Wilma, remember the typhoons (hurricane’s name in Asia) in Indonesia. It happens and it will happen more and more often, especially in the Mexican Caribbean and Riviera Maya, as the global warming is on and the region is tropical.

Are you also ready to run?
It is better to protect oneself, you, your family, your house and business, once for all, than to install a product which will blow up or deteriorate after the first hurricane.

Do you have a family to protect? A hotel to keep up? A business to save? A wonderful recently built house? Don’t let the hurricane destroy of your life and happiness.

For more information, DO NOT HESITATE to CONTACT Astro Guard company by email: astroguard.playa@gmail.com or via the website: http://www.hfmexico.com/contact.html.

The company is located on the 10th Street (Calle 10) between the 14th bis and the 16th avenues (entre av.14 Norte bis y 16).

Don’t wait on the announcement of the hurricanes arrival to be prepared. Your life is priceless, as your family is as well. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Having a bank account in Mexico, without FM2 or FM3? It is possible!

You come down Mexico for a few weeks or a few months? You want to possess a Mexican bank account because it is easier for you? You don’t have to bring your personal foreign debit card? You don’t want to pay the national and international banking fees? american-development.com has the solution for you!

In Playa Del Carmen, and for sure, in other places, Bancomer gives you the possibility to open an account without the FM3 and without the FM2!!

Here are the papers you just need to provide:

  1. Your passport
  2. Your visa of tourism
  3. A proof of domicile (electricity or gas bill). This form does not need to be in your name.ç

Account conditions:
You need to have 3000 pesos (300 USD) minimum to deposit in an account.  If not, you will be taxed by a commission fee.

You can deposit maximum 15 000 pesos per month (1500 USD) and you cannot exceed this amount of money, otherwise, again you will be taxed.
You will receive a debit card which you can obviously withdraw money but also pay in the shops and groceries stores with as well.
Having a Mexican debit card can facilitate your stay down here. Think about it. Feel free to contact us for more information if needed.

Have a nice stay in Mexico!

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Eastern week-end in Mexico!

Playa Del Carmen

Eastern Week or Semana Santa in Spanish is such a big deal down here in Mexico!!! These days off for the country is subject to important national migrations all over the country. 

These holidays are one of the most popular holidays in Mexico. As everybody has some days off, families gather and travel in some nice and relaxing places. When Mexicans have days off, they usually all leave the cities to reach the sea side of the country. It is the time of mass migration!!

This year, according to the Mexican Secretary of Tourism, the occupancy rate was very high. Many spots were stormed by the flow of one long week-end tourists. Some numbers for the TOP 5 destinations:

Playa Del Carmen - Semana Santa
Hotel Coco Rio
  • The Riviera Nayarit in Jalisco was 100% fully booked. I hope you did not go there without any reservations…
  • Tampico in Tamaulipas had a 98% occupancy rate. Better to have a reservation if you went there...
  • Los Cabos in Lower-California a 90% occupancy rate.
  • Chiapas set a nice record for its region up to 86%!! A pretty good job for the region!
  • Merida, Yucatan and Morelia, Michoacán registered a 85% occupancy rate.
  • According to the Secretary of tourism of Quintana-Roo state, Isla Mujeres, Holbox and Tulum had a 100% occupancy      rate and Playa Del Carmen and Cancun registered a 90% occupancy rate.
I think we can salute all these good results for the country, the greatjob of all the workers who did not have any holidays to welcome all the tourists. 

American-development.com and Canada2playa.com wish you a good day! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Occupancy Rate In Playa Del Carmen!

Riviera Maya
Playa Del Carmen, located in the Riviera Maya in Quintana-Roo, this area is very famous in Mexico but also outside the country. 

Attracting on one hand many Mexican tourists who want to go away from the city activities for a week-end, or who want to gather with their family in a nice place to relax during days-off, for example. 

On the other hand, for many the town is one of the favorite places for many North Americans from United States and Canada, as they can land directly in Cancun, which then is only 45 minutes in a bus to Playa Del Carmen, from their hometown airport.  It only takes a few hours to travel to Cancun. For instance, only 2 hours from Miami. Sometimes, it is faster to reach the United States than Mexico City. 

For weeks now we have been checking out the daily or weekly reports from Quintana-Roo State about the region and all the different actualities down here, it turns out that the average occupancy rate of hotels in Playa Del Carmen is around 80%!! And that is steady all throughout the year. So far, we did not see a week with an inferior occupancy rate less than 80%. This rate is rather amazing as soon as you know that Playa Del Carmen has about 40 000 hotel rooms!!! 

This rate in Playa del Carmen is the highest in the Riviera Maya. It overcomes Cancun’s rate and also Cozumel’s and Tulum’s as well!

Lucky Playa Del Carmen! If you are not part yet of the statistics of the occupancy rate, what are you waiting for? Come see why so many North Americans and Mexicans are travelling here year after year. Book as soon as possible so you can discover and enjoy this Caribbean Jem! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Aldea Zama

Aldea Zama
Aldea means "village"  in Spanish and Zama means "sunrise" in Mayan, the village where the sun rises. The perfect place to start discovering the Riviera Maya.

Alde Zama is located in highly spoken about Tulum, in the southern part of the Riviera Maya, near the famous Mayan archaeological  sites and internationally world renowned beaches along the Caribbean sea.

Inside Aldea Zama is a recently completed project of the first thirty condominiums. Their pre-sales were very effective. In fact, all of them have already been sold!  The inauguration of the first residential complex was celebrated last Friday in Tulum around the pool of the new development. The land in total is zoned for 488 residential lots, 105 commercial lots and 7 hotel lots.
Aldea Zama Map

But do not worry: there are still some lots to buy there! If you want to construct the home of your dreams in the Caribbean or if you want to open your business there, you can buy a commercial or residential lot and start your life in paradise now! You’ll have access to bakeries, cafes, restaurants, shopping and everybody is welcome.

For any further information, feel free to contact American-development.com, Canada2playa.com or playabuilder.com.

Aldea Zama
We will help you find the best price that is affordable for you and most suitable location of land.  Here to help you every step of the way including building.  Vive Tulum!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No more danger with Hurricanes in the Caribbean!

The Caribbean is famous for hurricanes! We saw Katrina and Wilma both in 2005. They destroyed everything on their way. We all have bad souvenirs from them.  

The good news about Hurricanes is that this natural catastrophe and the only one way we can get prepared to face it before it happens! How? You may ask. Simply by blocking all the windows and doors! Only one company is providing the right equipment to protect you: www.hfmexico.com .

The product is a king of big curtain that we install and secure outside the house on the windows and doors openings. This protection is made by Kevlar, the best and most resistant material ever! To give you an example; the bullet-proof vests of the police are made also of Kevlar. Bullets are stopped and save the policeman’s lives. Yes, but a hurricane is stronger than a bullet are you going to say. Sure, you are right! But the anti-hurricane product has many Kevlar layers, and so far, no machine has succeeded in breaking through the material, not even making a single hole, NADA!

Check out the site, it is very instructive about what you have to do and what you MUST NOT DO during a hurricane! (For example, blocking the openings with wood is a huge error because the hurricane will wisp these pieces and will create consequently thousands of projectiles into the air. Another danger!!
BE confident that with this kind of protection, you and your family are going to be completely safe!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Business Meeting In Puerto Vallarta!

Tianguis Turisticos de Mexico 2012 is the most important event for the touristic industry of the country. It is organized by the secretary of tourism. For the past 36 years, it took place in Acapulco, Guerrero. For the first time, it was in Puerto Vallarta, in the Riviera Nayarit, in Jalisco, from the 25th of March to the 28th of March 2012. It gathered a bunch of companies of different sectors as industry, investments, tourism.

One month was needed to set up everything. Workers started installing the necessary infrastructures on the 14th of February. The organization created 3000 jobs. A good point for the local inhabitants and economy!  And it seems to have worked out rather well . Acapulco’s edition is a huge success in comparison to the previous editions in Acapulco. This year, 21,742 appointments were set up between the companies against 16,500 appointments for Acapulco’s edition last year. Also the surface of the exhibition’s place increased as more companies participated this year. (More than 550 companies from 22 countries were present this year which represents a 39% increase!).

Jalisco has a great touristic potential and this event shows us the interest of the companies in this kind of meetings. For sure, next year, this event will stay in Jalisco!

Playa Builder, The Specialist For Construction In The Riviera Maya!

American-Development Company would like to announce its sister site: www.playabuilder.com !

American Development (www.american-development.com) as you know has long been the most trusted builder in the Riviera Maya.  In addition to our development arm, the company also has:
  •       Canada2Playa (www.canada2playa.com): the go-to real estate specialist in the Riviera Maya.

  •     Playa Builder (www.playabuilder.com): THE site if you are looking for any information about construction of any type in the area. 

On one hand, Playa Builder aims to help anyone who is looking for information about the any part of the construction process. It provides advice and information about every single step you have to take to build the project of your dreams.  Specialists are available to listen to you, understand your needs and support you in the decision making process.

We really listen to your needs” says lead design architect Jesus Mora.  “We have many years of experience taking concept and turning it into reality.  When you come to Playa Builder it’s all about you, the client”. 

Playa Builder seeks to bridge a gap between what is already available in the market, and what should be in the market.  “We have seen so many instances of someone coming here with everything right.  They have their project just like they want it, they have secured their funding, and they have all their permits, only to be let down by their builder” says architect Gerardo Herarra.  “The goal of Playa Builder is simple, we go vertical.  We take our experience as developers, and bring it into a fast, efficient way to make your project a reality.  No games.  Just delivering the best product possible fast”.

Additionally, there are also specialists in both the legal and financial side of things to guide you along your journey.  The team is comprised of specialists from various nationalities (American, Canadian, French and Mexican) and members are specialists in their respective domains, and have been in the Riviera Maya for years now.

On the website, you can easily check out the work of the team: the last projects completed in the section “Some of our projects”.  Plus, you can observe the different styles given to the houses.  Be sure to check out in some detail our participation with the Sereno project.

On the second hand, the site provides information about the Real Estate here in Playa Del Carmen by redirecting you on the collaborating company of www.Canada2playa.com where you can find any kind of information you need (real estate, legal procedures, lifestyle, activities, medical, embassy etc.) to settle in the Riviera Maya.

With all these businesses under one roof, you can come be assured peace of mind doing business in the Riviera Maya.  

The French version of Canada2Playa!!!

Canada2playa, set up in Quintana-Roo for years now, is expert of the Mexican real estate market. The office is located in Playa Del Carmen. The company has been listening, advising, supporting and accompanying clients for years in order to provide the best and the most adequate service. The clients were coming mostly from North America: from the United States and Canada.

Since a short time, the company longs for diversifying its market and to open itself to new horizons and new clients.  As the company is already dealing with the English-Canadian market, the logical suite was to take care of the French Canadian. Also, by developing the French-Canadian market, the company would like to kill two birds with the one stone by advising in the same time the French market. This development has been taken place through two main steps:

On the one hand, Canada2Playa.com integrated a new member into its team: Floriane Crickx. She is a native French speaker. She studied International Management at ICN Business School and also studied in different countries (France, United States, Italy, and Mexico).

On the other hand, the website of Canada2Playa.com was translated by our native speaker. Thus, every French-speaker, no matter the place where he lives, can check out our website in French. All the needed information about the Real Estate in the Riviera Maya, how to buy a house in Mexico, how to invest in Mexico when you are a foreigner, what laws are applied, what tricks to avoid, the lifestyle and all the activities are explained in detail in French and , of course, in English.

Finally, the company has to inform you that the sister-sites of Canada2Playa as American-Development.com and playabuilder.com are going to be also available in French pretty soon!
We heartily invite you to share this information, to check it out and to give us your feedback on https://www.facebook.com/Canada2Playa.LeahCampbell .