Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Playa Builder, The Specialist For Construction In The Riviera Maya!

American-Development Company would like to announce its sister site: www.playabuilder.com !

American Development (www.american-development.com) as you know has long been the most trusted builder in the Riviera Maya.  In addition to our development arm, the company also has:
  •       Canada2Playa (www.canada2playa.com): the go-to real estate specialist in the Riviera Maya.

  •     Playa Builder (www.playabuilder.com): THE site if you are looking for any information about construction of any type in the area. 

On one hand, Playa Builder aims to help anyone who is looking for information about the any part of the construction process. It provides advice and information about every single step you have to take to build the project of your dreams.  Specialists are available to listen to you, understand your needs and support you in the decision making process.

We really listen to your needs” says lead design architect Jesus Mora.  “We have many years of experience taking concept and turning it into reality.  When you come to Playa Builder it’s all about you, the client”. 

Playa Builder seeks to bridge a gap between what is already available in the market, and what should be in the market.  “We have seen so many instances of someone coming here with everything right.  They have their project just like they want it, they have secured their funding, and they have all their permits, only to be let down by their builder” says architect Gerardo Herarra.  “The goal of Playa Builder is simple, we go vertical.  We take our experience as developers, and bring it into a fast, efficient way to make your project a reality.  No games.  Just delivering the best product possible fast”.

Additionally, there are also specialists in both the legal and financial side of things to guide you along your journey.  The team is comprised of specialists from various nationalities (American, Canadian, French and Mexican) and members are specialists in their respective domains, and have been in the Riviera Maya for years now.

On the website, you can easily check out the work of the team: the last projects completed in the section “Some of our projects”.  Plus, you can observe the different styles given to the houses.  Be sure to check out in some detail our participation with the Sereno project.

On the second hand, the site provides information about the Real Estate here in Playa Del Carmen by redirecting you on the collaborating company of www.Canada2playa.com where you can find any kind of information you need (real estate, legal procedures, lifestyle, activities, medical, embassy etc.) to settle in the Riviera Maya.

With all these businesses under one roof, you can come be assured peace of mind doing business in the Riviera Maya.  

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