Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No more danger with Hurricanes in the Caribbean!

The Caribbean is famous for hurricanes! We saw Katrina and Wilma both in 2005. They destroyed everything on their way. We all have bad souvenirs from them.  

The good news about Hurricanes is that this natural catastrophe and the only one way we can get prepared to face it before it happens! How? You may ask. Simply by blocking all the windows and doors! Only one company is providing the right equipment to protect you: .

The product is a king of big curtain that we install and secure outside the house on the windows and doors openings. This protection is made by Kevlar, the best and most resistant material ever! To give you an example; the bullet-proof vests of the police are made also of Kevlar. Bullets are stopped and save the policeman’s lives. Yes, but a hurricane is stronger than a bullet are you going to say. Sure, you are right! But the anti-hurricane product has many Kevlar layers, and so far, no machine has succeeded in breaking through the material, not even making a single hole, NADA!

Check out the site, it is very instructive about what you have to do and what you MUST NOT DO during a hurricane! (For example, blocking the openings with wood is a huge error because the hurricane will wisp these pieces and will create consequently thousands of projectiles into the air. Another danger!!
BE confident that with this kind of protection, you and your family are going to be completely safe!

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