Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easy to book with!! and, the Real Estate experts in the Rivera Maya, are proud to introduce you the newest member of their family:!!

This site allows you to take care of all your bookings in the Riviera Maya anytime of the year!! The site is very practical, easy to understand and to use!!

·         Our Home Page - an overview of the characteristics of the Riviera Maya as the lifestyle or its location for instance.

Vacation Rental In Playa
·         Rentals keep you informed of all available bookings. How does it work? Pretty simply!! You first select the type of accommodation you want according to the number of rooms you need, and then just click on the one you like. The page concerning the accommodation is now right in front of your eyes. On the right side, you have all the characteristics of the house/apartment. The stars show you the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and how many people it can sleep. Finally you have the price.

On the left side, pictures are displayed. Under the pictures, you will find first the whole description of your chosen accommodation. After you can check all the features and finally you will find the availability of the dates.
Everything you need all on one page. 

·         News and blogs shows you the latest updates about events and happenings in the Riviera Maya. 

·         Activities propose a complete overview of all the activities to enjoy while you are in Paradise. 

·         About us gives you an overview of what we do.  ADC Group is about a lot more than just rental properties, and this carries over to a lot of areas where our rental clients could be interested.  The true definition of a one-stop-shop. 

·         Gallery a picture is worth a thousand words and these pictures show you what life is like down here taking in everything from our beautiful surroundings to the activities we recommend. 

·         Contact us: We love feedback!  Feel free to contact us with any questions, any concerns, or just a curiosity you have.  We will be very happy to answer you and help you out in your research.

Now you have all the necessary weapons in your hands to be ready to come down here and visit us for a while … or like some of us….forever….!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Your Perfect Accommodation In Playa del Carmen

Hello everybody !!
The Eastern week comes very quickly!! Where do you plan to go? can suggest you few very nice places to spend this wonderful week amongst your friends and/ or family!!

The Riviera Maya is located in Quintana-Roo state in Mexico. The main city, which is also the heart of this land corridor, is called Playa Del Carmen (check out the map:!! As you may you, it is located directly on the coast of the Caribbean sea… Imagine the pristine water and perfectly white sand…. Like in a dream…

You are up to 6 persons wishing to discover Playa Del Carmen, the jewel of the Caribbean? We have the suitable accommodation for you: (cf check it out:

A perfect condominium you can rent as long as you want. Located in the most prestigious gated community of the region, near to the sea, many activities are available in the house to keep you busy during your stay: kayak, boogie boards, bikes, many games and books. You can travel with light suitcases!! Plus, you will benefit from the proximity of the wonderful beaches and amazing archeological sites! 
To relax a bit after the tough day you would have spent, you can take some rest besides the pool or in a Jacuzzi, letting the water massage your body. If you want to rent a car, you can!! You a have a parking place! Everything is like that down here: so simple. And you will be able finally to chat with your friends from this lovely place thanks to the wireless internet. Ready to make your friends and family jealous?

Please, check out the web site: . For sure, you will find your perfect accommodation! If any question please, feel free to contact us at or at answering you is always a pleasure.

Friday, March 16, 2012

American Development's Blog!

The goal of this blog is to keep our customers, present and future, up to date on what is happening in Real Estate in the Riviera Maya.  The last few years have been pretty crazy in the Rivera Maya.  Tulum became its own municipality, a new International Airport was announced to service the Riviera Maya exclusively, and Playa del Carmen’s world record setting pace of growth (it has been the fastest growing city in Latin America for the last decade) slowed, then picked back up again.

“We have seen a real decrease in clients from the US thanks to the role that the US media is taking against Mexico, but seen a huge surge in clients from Brazil, Germany, Canada and other parts of Mexico that really make up for it” says sometime blogger and all time Real Estate Sales Associate  Leah Campbell.  “The market cooled off for a bit, then picked right back up.  That is the advantage of living in a place that is this International, there are so many things influencing the market that it has a life of its own.”

The blog, the leading developer in the Riviera Maya,, along with its Real Estate arm, Canada 2 Playa is a collaborative effort, with staff writers Floriane Crickx and Leah Campbell heading up the efforts, and guest bloggers coming in from time to time to keep it fresh.  “We have already had a number of past clients who said they would like to contribute.  We think that this will turn into something that will be almost communal” said marketing specialist Sugey Andrade.

The blog is set up in a way that allows you to go back to past postings and get caught up on the news, in case you have missed something.  So now you have no excuse not to be on the cusp of whatever is happening in the Riviera Maya.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ejidos? Mexican lands!

Ejidos are a complicated part of Mexican history. An ejido is land which Mexicans are given the right to use for living and working (usually farming). The land cannot be sold, leased or transferred to anyone not an ejidatario. The permission to use the land can be transferred to other Mexicans, but not to non-Mexicans.

When ejidos were originally granted, they were placed in non-prime locations at the time, usually in places where the towns weren’t. Nowdays, you can find ejidos situated on beautiful and highly desirable beach locations. Non-Mexicans see these beautiful beach front properties being used by a few Mexican peasants and offers are made to purchase the property. Money changes hands and often homes are built by the non-Mexicans. Tough luck for these non-Mexicans who didn’t consult with a qualified and dependable Mexican real estate attorney about a title search and what is ejido land and who is eligible to own it.

All non-Mexicans who occupy ejido land are illegal trespassers on that land, because only Mexicans are allowed to use the ejido land. Before buying property in Mexico, make certain you are buying property which you can legally own. 

For more information on the latest real estate and development work contact us at

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wine and Food and People.....Oh My!!

No rest for Riviera Maya!!
From the 15th to the18th of March a food festival will take place in Cancun. Its little name: The Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival. 2012 is the first edition. The festival challenges the food of the entire American continent! Those countries have now the opportunity each year to rival for first place for the best culinary artist!!
2012´s world best culinary artist is Spanish chef Ferran Adrian. He will be the guest of honor for this first edition!! The festival lasts 4 days. Every day, competitions and special events are organized to determine which culinary chef is the best one! All the festival is sponsored by many famous companies canvassed beforehand.
Some packages with tours companies are even available if you want to enjoy more of the region. Just go on the website and you will have an overview.
The Wine and Food Festival does not want to be only another activity on your calendar. They also have the willingness to reach out and  participate in the life of the locals!! Indeed, they chose a worthy local charity (which has helped seriously with the youth in difficulty): the festival will grant scholarships so that the students will have access into the University. Nice initiative!
On the 18th of July 2012, another food festival takes place: The Taste of Playa in Playa Del Carmen. This festival was born in 2009 and aims to challenge the local chefs. Tourists and locals can admire the variety and the quality of the Mexican food. Every year local chefs have to be very exigent with themselves and need to be more innovative –but by still respecting the traditional characteristics-in their dishes to outstrip their competitors.
If you are around the city, be sure to make a stop there and satisfy your taste buds!! In case you need more information, and are here to help you out!

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