Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Your Perfect Accommodation In Playa del Carmen

Hello everybody !!
The Eastern week comes very quickly!! Where do you plan to go? can suggest you few very nice places to spend this wonderful week amongst your friends and/ or family!!

The Riviera Maya is located in Quintana-Roo state in Mexico. The main city, which is also the heart of this land corridor, is called Playa Del Carmen (check out the map:!! As you may you, it is located directly on the coast of the Caribbean sea… Imagine the pristine water and perfectly white sand…. Like in a dream…

You are up to 6 persons wishing to discover Playa Del Carmen, the jewel of the Caribbean? We have the suitable accommodation for you: (cf check it out:

A perfect condominium you can rent as long as you want. Located in the most prestigious gated community of the region, near to the sea, many activities are available in the house to keep you busy during your stay: kayak, boogie boards, bikes, many games and books. You can travel with light suitcases!! Plus, you will benefit from the proximity of the wonderful beaches and amazing archeological sites! 
To relax a bit after the tough day you would have spent, you can take some rest besides the pool or in a Jacuzzi, letting the water massage your body. If you want to rent a car, you can!! You a have a parking place! Everything is like that down here: so simple. And you will be able finally to chat with your friends from this lovely place thanks to the wireless internet. Ready to make your friends and family jealous?

Please, check out the web site: . For sure, you will find your perfect accommodation! If any question please, feel free to contact us at or at answering you is always a pleasure.

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