Friday, March 9, 2012

Ejidos? Mexican lands!

Ejidos are a complicated part of Mexican history. An ejido is land which Mexicans are given the right to use for living and working (usually farming). The land cannot be sold, leased or transferred to anyone not an ejidatario. The permission to use the land can be transferred to other Mexicans, but not to non-Mexicans.

When ejidos were originally granted, they were placed in non-prime locations at the time, usually in places where the towns weren’t. Nowdays, you can find ejidos situated on beautiful and highly desirable beach locations. Non-Mexicans see these beautiful beach front properties being used by a few Mexican peasants and offers are made to purchase the property. Money changes hands and often homes are built by the non-Mexicans. Tough luck for these non-Mexicans who didn’t consult with a qualified and dependable Mexican real estate attorney about a title search and what is ejido land and who is eligible to own it.

All non-Mexicans who occupy ejido land are illegal trespassers on that land, because only Mexicans are allowed to use the ejido land. Before buying property in Mexico, make certain you are buying property which you can legally own. 

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  1. Yeah that's right. For an ejidos land there is a limitation that it can only be owned by a local resident or a Mexican citizen. We also provide the same guidance before selling any property to the buyer.