Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One million of tourists for next summer in the Riviera Maya!


 Quintana-Roo state has been enjoying wonderful days for years as the Riviera Maya has been elected as THE Saint Tropez of Latin America by the tourists.

Every year, this region witnesses an increase of its numbers of visitors. The region abounds of treasures worth to discover: the 28ºCelsius pristine water, the immaculate white sand, the wonderful jungle and the gripping Mayan ruins! Visitors also come to appreciate the succulent typical Mexican food. And the partying guys also make a night of nocturne life. (We have some tips if you are interested! Do not hesitate to ask us).

This positive trend keeps going: Governor of Quintana-Roo Roberto Borge Angulo has announced that 1 million of tourists were expecting this coming summer in the state. Moreover, the hotels occupancy rate has been estimated around 90 %.

Playa Del Carmen
This news is the result of the concentration of marketing efforts during months regarding the defense of Mexico’s image and statute as a touristic country on a national and international level.

The prognostics about the repartition are the following: the region will welcome around 60% of national tourists and about 40% of foreigners. The foreigners will come mainly from the United States and Canada.

Juan Carlos González Fernández, State Tourism Secretary, quite rightly esteems that Quintana-Roo is ready to welcome tourists with the “first world class and facilities”.

American development and Canada2playa entirely agree with Mr. González Fernández.

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