Friday, June 8, 2012

The first arms transplant in Mexico: A success!

DR. Iglesias and Patient Granados

Technology and science make miracles possible! After years of research, analyses and tests, Mexican surgeons performed an incredible surgery last month!

Gabriel Granados, 52 years old, father of 2 children, lost his both arms at work where he got electrocuted in January 2011. He was the first one in all the medical Latin America history to receive an arm transplant.

The surgery was performed by Surgeon Martin Iglesias at the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Medicas y Nutricion Salador Zubiran, Mexico City, in May 2012. After hours of surgery, the lucky patient woke up with 2 arms!

This surgery was the first one realized in the whole Latin America. It is a full success!!! Something simply incredible. This success of the surgery opens many doors for the future and will hope to the numerous mutilated persons.

We must not forget that this surgery was possible, on one hand, thanks to the doctors and the technology, but also thanks to the family who agreed to offer the limbs of their passed away family member. Without this generous act, Mr. Granados would not be able to hold his children again.

American-development encourages everyone to consider the organs donations and to talk about it with one’s family.

American development salutes the generous family, the amazing work of Dr. Iglesias, and wishes a wonderful new life to Gabriel.

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