Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Official National Office advices strongly to get protected from hurricanes


On March 27th 2012, the Official National Office in the United States has recommended every single person living in a hurricane area to use an adapted and secure way to protect houses, goods and lives.

People usually protect themselves with wood before the hurricane hits. But wood is not solid enough to hold and resist the strength of a hurricane. In fact, installing wood will simply create more projectiles you will have to protect yourself another time from flying planks of wood. At that time, once the wood protected window it would simply strip off, you will not have anything left to protect yourself or your family from the outside and inside projectiles. The Official National Office “encourages residents to skip taping their windows when a hurricane is heading their way”. They recommended “residents in hurricane zones to use hurricane shutters and impact-resistant windows”.
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Investing more at the beginning will make you save money at the end. Protect your house only once and get it done correctly!!

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