Thursday, May 3, 2012

Positive Start for Mexican Growth!!

Beginning of wealth?
While Europe is experiencing a severe growth crisis, Mexico is doing rather well. The country can boast about the positive growth it has recorded since the beginning of the year 2012. 

According to the Mexican Public Treasury, the country has recorded over the first semester of 2012 a 4% growth. This growth was originally generated by an increase of the American industry. As the United States is the first commercial partner of Mexico, this former has received more orders for non-oil products. This international order has been accompanied in the meantime by an increase of the national touristic industry and durable goods demand. 

The Public Treasury has predicted for the end of the year an increase of 3.5% growth and a 3.8% for 2013.
Despite the tough time the world entered in just a few years ago, some countries have done a pretty good job and we can be proud of them. It seems that Mexico has a bright future.
 in Playa Del Carmen

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