Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why a Notary Public is important in Real Estate transactions.

The Mexican Notary Public is a specialized attorney, almost like a judge in the US, who participates in commercial and civil matters as a public attester and legal adviser to investors, entrepreneurs and individuals.

In Mexico, acts that are executed before the presence and under the advice of a Notary Public have full evidentiary value in all courts around the country, and are an absolute guarantee of legality and legal certainty.

The Notary Public shall intervene in:

·         Real estate purchases and sales.
·         Incorporation of companies.
·         Granting of powers of attorney.
·         Purchase and shares of companies.
·         Trusts in beaches and borders.

Though Notaries are vital in the Real Estate process, they by definition represent the Government and are given their power to levy and collect taxes.  It is imperative that you have an attorney who represents your interest.  It can be a rocky road to find one that you can trust, but thankfully we have done the heavy lifting for you and can recommend the most honest, competent ones in the area.

The only way you can be secure from start to finish in a transaction is to have competent representation in every step. 
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