Monday, September 12, 2011

Tips on finding the perfect fit for you in Playa del Carmen

Currently, there is a noticable trend happening in Playa Real Estate. It is called ¨mixed-use developments¨. It is in response to the clients who say, ¨I need a place to live where all services I need are at my hand and where I also can have my choice to use them or not.¨

While mixed developments offer a wide variety of amenities or options for your specific lifestyle, it should be considered which services will best fit your lifestyle before you invest in a space. For instance, if you are someone who actually does a lot of different activities, (rather than the ¨once in a while¨ person) then a place that offers the necessary facilities that you prefer is worth considering, as opposed to purchasing a seperate service. A great way to make sure you can find your ¨true usage factor¨ is by taking a good look at the past six months-one year of your current lifestyle, and use that as a guage for determining what is going to be the best fit for you.

No one doubts that there is very practical amenities for day to day services such as cleaning and laundry, however, if you are a do-it-yourself person, then having a maid service included in your space may not be neccessary. If, however, you are not a do it yourself person, these are worthwhile expenses to look at including in your budget and lifestyle. The following is a list of services and ammenities that are well worth your consideration for setting up a top quality living plan for yourself.

Multipurpose room: Consider the frequency with which you can organize a meeting, if you do not normally have many parties, a lounge does not offer any advantage.

• Pool: If you can not swim or intend to do, then paying for the maintenance of a pool is leaking money.

• Gym:  This is the same as in the case of the pool and other sport facilities, consider your daily habits and free time to see if this is a comitment you can include in your calendar.

Playground: If you have children or recent plans to have them, then an area for to give time for children is a good plan to consider

Department stores: Although they offer proximity to supplies and services, they also involve a high pedestrian and vehicular traffic, reducing the tranquility of home. 5th Avenue is the main place.  However, this is a consideration for the way in which you want to design your lifestyle.

The most common added services are wireless internet, laundry, and mail. The extras from doorman, gym, and meeting rooms are worth their weight as long you´ve done a good job at making sure your going to be using those services.

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