Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What you can do Now for renting your property in playa.

Want to get to where you can relax and let go? With the excitement that comes from choosing a new place to rent in Playa, also comes the hope of finding the best fit.  Strategy is everything in this endeavor. Understanding and defining your own lifestyle ¨needs¨ and ¨wants¨ is the key. Here in Playa Del Carmen there is a lot of truth in the saying ¨Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it Now.¨ 

We´ve highlighted seven things you can do right now while you are reading this. If you have a pen and paper handy, starting letting your ideas flow on paper.  As you start taking steps leading to a good rental agreement on a property, it is important to give yourself  the highest number of properties that exist to have a benchmark to work off. If you are a first time visitor just coming to playa, its recommended you spend a few weeks here and bring your plan and questions with you.  Here is a handy outline:

1. Click on the internet and check out some maps and locations. Use a calling card and Telephone and verify the information you find. Send a few emails out and see who responds back to you. (Those who do respond know it is good for business, and indicate that they are willing to work a little bit for your business). Come by our offices when you are here and ask us any questions.

2. Organise a day to visit the property and verify the information from each of those you care about.

3. Carry a pen and paper (and your blackberry if you have one) so you can make relevant comments and identify each of the properties visited. Use email and expect good service from your future landlord. There is a lot of options in playa, and its important you take the measures to insure you get a good fit.

4. Check the electricity and water. Check that the contacts are not damaged and gas leaks and water (it is important that you talk to the owner, and now subordinate, and know in advance that these should be run on their own account or income and thus no unpleasant surprises).

5. Consider the size of the kitchen, bedrooms, dining room, because the furniture is a major investment

6. Do not forget to ask about the maintenance fee and what it can include as gas, electricity, water, security and other services for consideration and that this will not affect your budget.

Be sure to take a look at the Fisherman´s Village Condos. It carries the flagship tradition of Playa Del Carmen´s roots in being a small fishing village. It is a nice coastal community of Playacar just a 10 minute walk from the beaches of Playa, Mexico.  
For more information  you can visit American Development Co.

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