Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Service: Why the Riviera is a place to keep coming back.

The reason why people keep coming back is because of stories like this next one...According to recent article on CNN," In June 2010, Joel Contreras, a brakeman on the beach, chatting with one of the foreign guests of the Ritz-Carlton Cancun, a firm that ranks first in the 2011 Super Business Expansion magazine in the category of companies with between 501 and 3.000 employees.

During the conversation, the client told him that he would like his youngest son to learn to speak a little Spanish. The boy was a lover of soccer and the South Africa World Cup. Contreras had an idea: buy the album World released in Spanish. He sought out the manager to tell his initiative and together called Luis Vallejo, another employee who was outside the hotel. Upon receiving the call, Vallejo went for the album.

When he arrived back with the gift, the guest had left. Without hesitation, Contreras left the hotel to the Cancun airport. Arrived just as the client's family was about to board their flight. Contreras handed the Customer the gift, and so created an emotional bond between him and the brand.

That customer will return, says Paulina Feltrin, director of public relations in the chain. This decision is one of many made by employees of the hotel. All thanks to a card (which is part of the uniform) called Gold Standard, that under a diamond-shaped diagram clearly explains the values, the steps of service."

Just another story of great service that makes the Riviera as great as it is...

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