Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hurricane Protection at its best

As the 2011 hurricane season makes landfall, finding the best way to protect your investment and family will be of paramount concern once again. Thankfully, a new protection technology development has finally made its way to the Riviera Maya.

It is called The AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric system. It was developed to give consumers a superior product at a lower cost. The fabric is made of ballistic nylon which is both high strength and high tenacity. This is not the same nylon a backpack is made out of but the same nylon that's used to make the airbag for an automobile. The nylon is then coated using a ceramic resin to block all of the suns U.V. rays. The fabric is then “designed to fit” and anchor over the exposed entry points of the building.

Formerly, Polypropylene was used or simply trampoline fabric. Because the trampoline fabric is so weak, the edges need to be folded over multiple times and sewn. This system was more apt to tear during a storm thus allowing internal wind damage. Trampoline fabric has a burst strength of 675 psi (pounds per square inch). AstroGuard's burst strength is more than twice as strong with a breaking strength of 1500 psi.

What most consumers don't know about the testing standards of the hurricane protection industry is that manufacturers are allowed to test a large sample specimen and if it passes, they can carry that approval down to small sizes. The reason for this, and it’s a sad one, is that the cost to make a system that was strong enough to stop large missile impacts on small and medium size openings was deemed cost prohibitive. AstroGuard's fabric is so much stronger; it can repel projectiles on any size screen. That is why AstroGuard has been referred to as "The Wonder Drug of the Insurance Industry" and why so many high net worth individuals are buying the lowest cost product in the world.

AstroGuard's nylon fabric actually costs more to manufacture than all other competitive products. When looking at the cost-vs-benefit of investing in higher strength and a more protective solution, the answer is self evident: The ‘extra dollar’ now, pays back exponentially. In effect, it costs almost nothing in comparison to the damage one incurs from even a minor contact with a hurricane.

Please view their website at www.hfmexico.com. You can see pictures on the Photo Gallery page and you will see the homes of many other people that already know the secret.


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