Friday, June 10, 2011

Quintana Roo to spend US $51mn on waterworks in 2011

According to Quintano Roo's Water Authority,"On the instructions of Governor Roberto Borge Angulo, the director general of the Committee on Water Supply and Sewerage (CAPA), José Alberto Alonso, performs the necessary steps to achieve this year a target of 600 million pesos of investment, and run water works supply, sanitation, sanitary and storm drainage for the benefit of the inhabitants of Quintana Roo.

The holder of CAPA, said that for now have a portfolio of 480 million 435 thousand pesos, of which 55 percent are federal funds through the National Water Commission (Conagua), and 45 percent remainder is provided by the state for more than 75 works around the Institution.

The official explained that the investment total, 9 million 530 thousand pesos, will be used to increase coverage of sewerage services; 223 000 000 868 000 dollars for the expansion of the systems of water supply and for improving efficiency; 246 000 000 260 000 pesos will be for sanitation works and 777 thousand dollars for storm drainage.

He said more than 438 million pesos, will be channeled through the following investment programs: "Program Construction and Rehabilitation of Potable Water and Sanitation in Urban Areas (APASZU)", "Program Construction and Rehabilitation Potable Water and Sanitation in Rural Areas (APASZR) "and" Duty Refund Program (prodded). "

Likewise, the "Program for constructing water treatment plants waste," "Basic Infrastructure Program for the care of Indigenous Peoples (PIBAI)"; "HABITAT", "Programme for the development of priority areas (PDZP ) ", the" Agreement CAPA-DHC "," CAPA-IP Convention, "the Program" Clean Water "and the program" Water Culture ".

Finally, Alonso Ovando said that with these resources will be invested throughout the territory of Quintana Roo, ensuring the improvement of services, and stressed that continued efforts are necessary to obtain additional resources to enable it to implement more works, for better development.

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