Monday, October 17, 2011

A perspective- what it looks like and sounds like to own in Mexico...

Have you ever wondered what it really looks like and sounds like to be an owner of Mexican property? What better way to understand what you might be getting into as you consider owning in Mexico than to hear the perspective of others…According to a recent source, getting a glimpse of what Mexican property ownership looks like to Canadians Wanda and Mark Eiler and their four children is a ¨two thumbs up¨ perspective.The Calgary family owns a couple of condominiums in Mexico, which they visit five or six times a year just hangin' out, soakin' up the rays and the laid-back Mexican lifestyle.

 "We have owned in Mexico since October 2007 when we bought our first two-bedroom condominium on the beach," says Wanda. "Then last November (2010), we bought a second property, a three-bedroom condo in a neighboring building."

Among the many positives, the Eilers comment that ¨the look and feel of the development is spotless cleanliness, friendly and helpful staff, the attention to detail, and the access amenities both on-site and off.¨ In that short time, developers are realizing the importance of Canadians, like the Eilers to the success of the resort occupancy. 

"Mexico  has seen a tremendous increase in interest from the Canadian market over the past year." says Gerardo Rojano, vice-president of a marketing group. While the strength of the Canadian dollar and economy have certainly played a big role in this surge in interest, we think Mexico, and more specifically Playa Del Carmen offer a great lifestyle, unique culture and strong value for those seeking a vacation home. Also the fact that Air Canada offers daily service into Cancun has helped raise the profile of the area that Playa Del Carmen offers Canadians.

With the Greg Norman Signature Golf Course, world-class marina and restaurants in neighboring Puerto Aventuras, Playa Del Carmen has something for everyone," The Eilers also add personal safety to the list of reasons why they have purchased in Mexico. "We would definitely recommend Mexico to other Canadians as our experience has been that it is a very safe, clean, friendly, beautiful, well managed place to relax" says Wanda Eilers. "When we are in Mexico whether at the resort or in downtown, we do what we want in a peaceful, relaxed environment, without incident."

Wanda and Mark Eilers Background: The Eilers purchased the first of two condominiums in Mexico in 2007. Then last year 2010, they purchased another apartment condo. The couple and their four children spend Easter and Christmas vacations at the resort, while Wanda and Mark manage to get down there three or four more times on their own.

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