Monday, September 26, 2011

Strictly Investment property - A current look at Playa

If you are looking into the possibility of a land investment in the Playa del Carmen land market, it still offers all types of lots, with very good return possibilities. In terms of buying – rather than renting- there are some distinct advantages. One is that the infrastructure is in place and very complete. Also, tourism level indicators ensure that the demand in Playa will continue to be high; for example, the amazing beaches, which many consider to be the most beautiful in the world, the popularity of 5th Avenue, a high level of safety, and the proximity of the Cancun International Airport, which is only 45 minutes away. Also Playa is continuing growth and expansion in infrastructure, which has earned it claim to be ¨Latin America´s fastest growing city¨. These factors ensure that Playa del Carmen land purchases will continue to be a solid investment.  

Playa del Carmen land in some other locations close to under-way beachfront developments will probably boom when the developments are complete. Such as is the case with the locations just north of calle street 54 and beyond. This area is the next best thing in Playa investment, it truly is the lead that a prudent buyer would discriminately see to get a return on.  In terms of beach front locations- Rents and costs are the lowest, infrastructure is good, and the prudent-and-brave- investor may see that the growing pains of the area would be well worth the investment. 

Also, considering a lot near the federal highway could prove to be a good investment for a condo complex with commercial spaces, which would see a lot of business from the traffic, and would sell well for people who need to live close to the highway. Some of these lots still need to be titled- which is a process that American Development can help you carry out to avoid unnecessary complications. Playa del Carmen land is pretty developed, lots are usually bought to construct on, with the return coming more immediately from the construction project, as opposed to areas such as Tulum where investors buy the lots and wait, making their return on rising property prices or later construction.

In regards to business investment, the availability of locations on 5th avenue is now spreading themselves north of the 30th avenue.  This is due to an increasing rise in the popularity of tourism traffic as well.  Be that as it may, these buildings have already been built, and depending on a ¨case by case¨ basis look:  a given one of these business property locations could make a good return for the buyer. However, due to such close proximity to the developing area of 5th avenue, it would require specific reviews of each property, which is something that American Development can help carry out.

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