Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Research Support to Strengthen Tourism Sector

According to sector- The Ministry of Tourism (Tourism Ministry) and the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) report to improve the competitiveness of tourism in our country, support research in the academic sector, through the Sectoral Fund for Research, Development and Technological Innovation in Tourism (FSIDITT).

This measure progress on goals outlined in the National Tourism Agreement, which provides support for research which contributes to the formulation of public policies that promote growth in sector investment and return our country more competitive in tourism.
The call is aimed at universities and public and private higher education, schools, laboratories, public and private companies and individuals who are registered in the National Register of Institutions and Scientific and Technological who can provide solutions to the problems of the sector tourism.

The Ministry of Tourism and CONACYT provide that as a result of the first call FSIDITT currently supports the Institute for Economic Research at the Autonomous University of Mexico in a project called "Community enterprises of nature tourism: Factors of success and failure" , and the Center for Biological Research with the project "Model sustainable measures in the hotel industry in Mexico."

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