Monday, July 4, 2011

Future Plans announced for Quintana Roo

According to local news reports- Roberto Borge Angulo Governor yesterday set up to consult the guidelines that will set the course for the development of Quintana Roo in the next 50 years, with increased investment, respect for the environment, historic heritage and the fight against inequality in urban and rural areas. The consultation, he said, will give way to the National Development Plan, which should be based on four main principles announced in his inauguration: Quintana Roo supportive, strong, competitive and green. "The Quintana Roo solidarity with a vision that addresses vulnerable groups, to combat exclusion and inequality in rural and urban areas with greater coverage in education, health care, education services and arts and culture. It will promote greater participation of youth and women in the economic, social and political, "he said. 

The Quintana Roo strong, continued, transform and modernize procedures and services of institutions, transparency, legal certainty and protection for families to preserve the tranquility and social harmony. "The competitive position us Quintana Roo in the national and international leadership in tourism activity that is and driving force of the state's economy, with more infrastructure and logistics development, diversification and consolidation of productive activities in each region and actions to promote new investments and generate welfare families, "he said. 

Quintana Roo As for Green, Borge said he will have a vision of orderly development in cities and rural areas, according to the productive and necessary conservation of natural resources. Also during the event at the International Centre for Business and Meetings, attended by the full cabinet, Eduardo Espinosa Abuxapqui and Lizbeth Loy Song Encalada, presidents of the Great Commission of the State Congress and the Court of Justice, respectively, mayors and federal representative, the head of the Permanent Commission reinstated the Planning Committee for the Development of State (Coplade), which will organize forums and consultations, develop and integrate the National Development Plan 2011-2016. 

"Exercises like this allow us to update lines of action to devise new strategies to successfully face the challenges and opportunities of our society, which is transformed rapidly to begin the new century," he said. During the event the governor gave honorary appointments to members of the Standing Committee of Coplade: Quintana Roo for Strategic Outreach, Competitive, Strong and Green, Andres Ruiz Morcillo Seplader holder, Angel Palomo Rivero, of the Headquarters, Javier Díaz Carvajal of SEE, Luis González Flores, Government, and Francisco Elizondo Garrido, Sema 
. In his speech, the Secretary of Planning and Regional Development, Andrés Ruiz Morcillo, explained that the integration of Coplade allows formulation and integration of the National Development Plan 2011-2016 through the mechanisms of social participation for the Democratic Planning.

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