Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Playa Del Carmen- July city hall session

According to the Playa Del Carmen Solidarity website- The Municipal Government meets commitments made to citizens to approve the hiring of a leasing to acquire property necessary for the proper functioning of public services, as well as the cleanup program vacant lots. During the eighth regular meeting of council, council members approved hiring a leasing line for up to 50 million pesos budget would be used to lease equipment and enhance public safety and public services in Solidarity.

In this regard, Filiberto Martinez, mayor, explained that this lease will only be applied during the period covered by the current administration 2011-2013. It was also approved to implement the cleanup program Solidarity and vacant lots in these areas represent foci of infection, incubators vermin, a haven for gangsters and give the city a bad name. On this issue, the mayor said at the time were located more than 900 abandoned properties in this city, "the cleanup of these areas has been a recurring application of all citizens over the Solidarity programs and ways to keep the city clean."

For this purpose, require the owners to proceed with the clean-up of land, will have five days to do the job. After that period, a fine will be imposed, owners will have 72 hours to pay and the City will be responsible for carrying out the cleanup of the property lender becoming the owner of the land, another fine for the payment of such work. Finally, for general matters observed a minute of applause for Carlos Lizama Chuc Solidarity government partner, who died Friday in a car accident.


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