Friday, July 8, 2011

Las Vegas Casinos Come to the Riviera

According to Jorge Wasi Curi, General Manager Of the Dubai Palace "Yes, there are now Casinos in Cancun. The financial problems the US is facing are actually helping the Mexican economy." Americans and Canadians have been challenged with a high cost of living and fuel.

This is forcing many to "stay at home" That puts a halt on the lifestyle many are accustomed to. Mexico offers another option. A close to home vacation can cost more then a trip to the Caribbean. Many are also choosing Cancun as their permanent residence, with low cost housing and living. Many retirees "just cant make it" on their retirement income back at home.

The Mexican government owns Premix which operates all the gas stations in the country. It accounts for 30 to 40 percent of the income that supports the government. However, Mexico has a problem with the dwindling supply of oil. Taxes from the Casinos could help fill that deficit. The Dubai Casino was one of the first to open in Cancun. The Playboy Club quickly followed by opening a casino on the Hotel Zone. The Hotel Zone is a white shelled beach "peninsular" that stretches 22 kilometers from old Cancun centro. Numerous people opposed Casinos being built on the Zone, they wanted to keep development for hotels and condominiums. The city of Cancun responded with a plan to put the casinos close to the downtown district.

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