Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spotlight on Health: Dental and Cosmetic

Besides the obvious cost savings, there are many great reasons to choose the Riviera’s selection of health care providers. As today brings the reality of a global healthcare marketplace in medical tourism, this trend offers a new option to the prospective patient. With the current challenges facing the US health care system, going abroad is a practical step. Most of the Private Mexican physicians can now coordinate treatment plans on the patient’s behalf from the in U.S. This allows for customized and accurate steps to be laid for effectively insuring that a patients operation is achieved seamlessly.

Dental care in Mexico is a great option for American or Canadian patients looking to save money without sacrificing quality of care. Whether in need of a few fillings, orthodontic treatment, a couple of crowns or implants, a clinic in Mexico can offer savings of up to 80% off what you can expect to pay in the United States.When considering the opportunity to take advantage of this option, an informed patient should be sure to understand the specific areas that offer the strongest match for their elective procedure.

A visit to ones local physician or dentist to have their counsel on the procedure you are considering is a good starting point. Discuss all the risks and benefits, recovery times and all associated costs. Does their fee include anaesthesia, hospital fees, all crowns bridges and abutments (regarding dental care, ie ). Medical tourism clients usually seek dental and plastic surgery procedures, everything from Botox to full face lifts, and dental makeovers, including implants. (An increasing area of interest is also for joint replacement procedures...primarily knee and hip, which will be covered in our upcoming blogs)

Then the following election should aim to carefully take advantage of the contrast in public and private health care providers. The majority of value is to be realized by the prospective patient when choosing and elective procedure. As the elective surgeries are almost always not covered by US health care plans, the cost savings and professionalism of the performed procedure is to be fully realized. As technology for dental work and cosmetic operations have reached a strong position with the health care providers in Mexico, the opportunity to safely engage is yet another good option.

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