Thursday, May 5, 2011

Intelligent Development: Growth is expected in 2011

It’s no secret, the Riviera is growing. With all economic data pointing to increased growth in 2011, the right question to ask is: how is this growth getting managed? The trend for sustainable development has now become not only good for the environment, but good for business.

The primary reason for the attraction to the Riviera is the stunning and natural beauty of Mexico’s Caribe Coast. The second reason is the economic facility with which one can travel, stay, and have access to great food. Of the many liberties that this environment affords the informed traveler, there is also a clear necessity for responsibility on behalf of the development community to maintain this element. As the Mexican regulatory bodies do give much liberty to the discretion of the developers to manage their own construction, design, and operation practices: it also creates the opportunity for the developers to distinguish their efforts in sustainable design and practice.

A strong example of this can be found when Fairmont hotels contracted to build its Mayakoba resort. It preserved native mangroves to prevent beach erosion. It treats its sewage and conserves water and power. It also has an exemplar waste management program it practices. Ecology Manager Lyn Santos says the best option for the ecosystem would be no new hotels. And as that isn't economically or politically realistic, the future attraction for informed tourist spending, the Mexican government, and profit-minded developers will be in advancing ecological preservation in design and practice. The race is on for who can practice an prove “that they are indeed, going green.”

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