Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Water Treatment Rated Second Best in the World

The Water Treatment Plant in Atotonilco, Mexico today won second place in the category of major public-private projects on water, the Water Summit held in Berlin, Germany.

With a cost of a little less than US$1 billion dollars, the treatment plant will handle two simultaneous processes: cleaning rain water and the treatment of sewage. It will process 35 thousand liters of water per second from the Valley of Mexico, of that amount, 23 thousand liters per second is sewage and 12 thousand liters per second will be rainwater. The project will also be self-sustaining as it will be able to generate 70% of the electricity required for it to operate with the recovery of methane gas containing sewage sludge being used to produce electricity.

According to information from Notimex, the award is received the Ambassador of Mexico in Germany, Francisco Gonzalez, the deputy director general of Drainage and Water Supply Conagua, José Ramón Ardavín and Aboumrad Alejandro González, director general of the Mexican company IDEAL.

The company is leading the consortium of Mexican and foreign companies engaged in the project, with the contract between the Mexican government and the consortium of companies having a duration of 25 years. After the ceremony, the deputy director general of Drainage and Water Supply of the National Water Commission (Conagua), José Ramón Ardavín, told Notimex that 'it is a recognition that what we are doing, we take the right path."

“The issue of wastewater has been one of the cornerstones of this administration and a very ambitious goal of the president, Felipe Calderón," he said, “ the Atotonilco plant will be one of the largest in the world and is being done in one step. In other parts of the world have built similar plants but in stages over the years. The Atotonilco (plant) will be ready by the end of 2012. "

Ardavín also noted that there was another project in works using the same pattern of public-private financing of Conagua in Guadalajara for the treatment of waste-water.


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