Monday, April 18, 2011

More Cruises to Mexico

The Ministry of Tourism says it plans implement new public policies to further strengthen the performance of the cruises liners to Mexico, and will work in conjunction with major tourist destinations that receive cruise ships in order to increase not only the arrivals of cruise ships, but more fully capitalize on the economic benefit.

For over 40 years Mexico has had a very strong relationship with cruise carriers and the Tourism Secretary has endorsed the Federal Government's commitment to strengthen this sector. As it stands, Mexico has the second largest tourist sector in this regard in the world.


The Tourism Ministry will work to strengthen the cruise industry by focusing on things such as: information and communication, exploring greater opportunity for carriers, known travel blogs and satisfaction polls, and an analysis of building homeports in Mexico, among others.

At the meeting held concerning the consolidation of the industry, the 13 CEOs and directors of shipping companies around the world that were summoned agreed that Mexico has been and will continue to be an excellent business partner in tourism.

The representatives of shippers considered proposals and are to report their responses to the Tourism Ministry and the secretaries of state tourism to destinations which are cruises. 

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