Friday, August 10, 2012

The Mexican Constitution in Maya!

Cover Of The Original Copy Of The Mexican Constitution

The Mexican Constitution in Maya

The Mexican government decided to translate the Mexican Constitution in Maya!

After 95 years (The Constitution of the United States of Mexico was written down on the 5th February 1917) and with the insistence of Mayan representatives to the authorities, the Mayan Constitution has been translated and officially presented to the whole country yesterday, on Thursday, 9th of August 2012.

This decision reflects the realization of the importance of the Mayan Culture in the Mexican society. 

We must not forget that the Maya are not an antic civilization, they still live. And they are the inhabitants of the most touristic region of the country, the Yucatan Peninsula.

Taking their language into consideration is the minimum Mexico could do to thank them for their work, their land and the richness of their land, language and culture.  The Maya civilization is one of the cultures which manage to fascinate the entire world!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A New Step In The Mexican Car Industry

A new Step in the Mexican car industry!!

We told you that the Mexican growth is increasing? It is not going to stop soon!
Audi has decided to create a new factory in Mexico in order to assemble its new car line: the Lincoln MKZ!

The German company will decide the exact place of its new production line in October. It should be in the state of Jalisco.

According to the decisions of Audi, the new car will cost between 625,000 peos and 679,000 pesos in order to catch people’s attention, prĂ©cised Luis OlivĂ©, chief of the Investment Promotion Unit of the company.

2012 doesn’t seem to sound only with the end of the world, but also, with economic growth and jobs for Mexico!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

The 5th hurricane of 2012 has finally arrived!

The 5th hurricane of 2012 has finally arrived!

A tropical storm has arisen for 2 days in the Atlantic Ocean. Right now, the tropical storm just passed the Caribbean islands.  Its current ground speed is 30 mph and the wind speed is 52 mph. It will pass below the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba. 

In two days, on Sunday the 5th of August, the tropical storm will turn into a hurricane category 1. In Five days, still according to the forecasts, the hurricane, which we can call Ernesto from Sunday, will end up its path in Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula.  
Path of Ernesto

We are still expecting this last part to be confirmed. In any case, get prepared!

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