Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Pemex University!

 What is new in Mexico???

Pemex'  Logo
Do you know Petroleos Mexicanos? Yes, of course, you do know them, but under this acronym: Pemex! Pemex, the Mexican crude oil monopole!!!!

Pemex is working on the project to open its own university! The company would like to provide its workers to have their own center, their own university to be taught.

In fact, on one hand, as previously said, the university will form and provide the workers special trainings according to the occupied job. Some of the programs will be elaborated for High school attendees as in Mexico a lot of students work besides their studies. Thus, any age will receive a particular lesson.

On the other hand, the company will dedicate one part of the university to research, said Pemex Director Suarez Coppel during the Expo Foro Pemex 2012.

The future of Pemex depends on its workers!!

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  1. Pemex needs to hire honest employees. Last week I was scammed out of 100.00 dollars by an attendant in Cancun and the S.O.B. also ran my credit card! I corrected that but am out 99.00 dollars as he switched my 100 bill for a 1 bill. Not good P.R. for this area. I won't go back there.