Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Pemex University!

 What is new in Mexico???

Pemex'  Logo
Do you know Petroleos Mexicanos? Yes, of course, you do know them, but under this acronym: Pemex! Pemex, the Mexican crude oil monopole!!!!

Pemex is working on the project to open its own university! The company would like to provide its workers to have their own center, their own university to be taught.

In fact, on one hand, as previously said, the university will form and provide the workers special trainings according to the occupied job. Some of the programs will be elaborated for High school attendees as in Mexico a lot of students work besides their studies. Thus, any age will receive a particular lesson.

On the other hand, the company will dedicate one part of the university to research, said Pemex Director Suarez Coppel during the Expo Foro Pemex 2012.

The future of Pemex depends on its workers!!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The American naval hospital contracted AstroGuard!

Hospital Portsmouth in Virginia, USA

Congratulations to the American Navy!!

American Naval new hospital Portsmouth in Virginia, USA decided to equip the building with the best anti-hurricane product currently on the market: AstroGuard.

The keyword for the American Navy is Security, Safety and Quality. It is the only important points to them. With anti-hurricane shutter AstroGuard, they met their expectations and their obligations.  It is not a wonder that the American Navy elected Astroguard. In fact, Astroguard presents an extreme reliability regarding the resistance and the protection from the rain, the wind, the projectiles and the barometric pressure changes.

A profesional installation
Astroguard shutter is also 100% UV resistant thanks to a special resin. In other words, the sun of tropical regions as the Caribbean for instance will not have any impact over the quality of the shutter.
To insure you the excellent quality of the product, this latter has a 10 years warranty.

Only Astroguard has presented these great and secure characteristics, token of quality and reliability.
If you wish visit their website: www.hfmexico.com

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Playa Del Carmen offers a high quality medical care


Playa Del Carmen is a multicultural nice little town.  Through its 2 decades of growing, Playa Del Carmen has shown many developments of high quality medical facilities. Indeed, being influenced by the Northern America and Europe, Playa has well assimilated the Western medical norms to offer the best service to its inhabitants and its tourists. 

In Playacar Phase II, the hospital HOSPITEN was built with this idea in mind. It offers various different services to satisfy every client of any age. Children, adults and elderly can find at Hospiten the adequate solution and service to your concern.

The children will be welcome by the pediatric service and the pregnant women will be taken into care by the maternity.

The hospital also offers a digestive service where you can check the presence of a colon cancer, a diagnostic and treatment center.

Also, if you want to benefit from the Mexican cheaper prices to perform a high quality esthetic or reconstructive surgery, Hospiten is also the place you can go to. They propose any kind of surgeries led by competent surgeons. These formers generally studied in the USA or Canada. Moreover, they yearly operate hundreds of patients.

You can check out the website, available in English, for further information www.hospiten.com

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Hurricane Carlotta hit the State of Oaxaca!

Two weeks ago, Hurricane Carlota hit the famous village of Puerto Escondido in the Southern state of Oaxaca.

The Region of Oaxaca is usually not a region prone to the hurricanes.  Obviously, as every area located on the seaside, it suffers time to time from impressive storms. Two weeks ago, the hurricane Carlotta hit Puerto Escondido. Hopefully, the authorities warned the inhabitants before the hit of the hurricane, but the arrival and the strength of the hurricane remained a surprise. 
Hurricane Carlotta

As you may know, hurricanes are classified in 5 categories. The 1st one is the less dangerous, if we may say, and the 5th one is the most dramatic one.  Before the 1st category, these natural disasters are considered as tropical storms and not as hurricanes.

Unfortunately, Hurricane Carlotta belonged to the category 2! Winds were up to 165 km/h (105 MPH), hard rains lasted days. Trees, palm shelters totally destroyed, and houses damaged.

The damages are consequent as people were not totally prepared to face the category 2 hurricane. Indeed, to protect oneself from a hurricane, the best is to stay inside your house. But, of course, the house needs to be protected! If a projectile hits the window, the glass will obviously shatter and your house will be rack by the wind, rain, and other projectiles. At that moment, you are not protected anymore.

An efficient protection is consequently needed in order to avoid theses dangers! The best solution to transform your house (business or building you wish to protect) into a bunker is to install anti-hurricane shutters on every opening of your property.

Yet, you have to be aware and alert about the quality of the product you buy. Products usually are made in polypropylene and are not resistant enough to resist a hurricane category 2.

It is essential to check out the quality of the shutter and to wonder:
  1. What category of hurricane can be faced with the product?
  2. Which threat can the shutter resist to (a hurricane presents 4 main threats: wind, rain, projectiles and the change of the barometric pressure)?
  3. Can the shutter face these dangers simultaneously or only one by one?

Do not hesitate to ask many questions to fully understand the product, how it works so that you can feel totally secure about your investment.

Investing in an anti-hurricane shutter is a huge investment, but it appears very cheap when you know that it will protect your house, your goods, your way of life, your souvenirs and all the efforts you did to own your property.  For instance, if you want to protect your house, it will avoid you to sleep in a hotel or in a gym for days and go through all the insurance administration process in order to be reimbursed for the insured goods.
A protected business will not need to close for weeks or months to be cleaned, fixed and bought the furniture again. In fact, closing a business in a touristic area cost thousands of dollars. Thanks to the anti-hurricane shutters, a business can stay open despite of the hurricane passage.

Do not hesitate to keep yourself informed about this protection, do not hesitate to inform your friends and contacts, especially if they live in a tropical area.  And finally, feel free to ask any question to be sure that your investment will be the best as possible!

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