Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Dragon Mart in Cancun

Last week a huge fair took place in Cancun. It dealt with the project of building a dragon Mart in the city. A few cities in the world already have one:  Dubaï got its own one in 2004. It seems to be a total success!

Dragon Mart in Dubaï

The project is born last year in 2011. China has aspired to invest into the great Mexican potential since the country economy has shown growth in order to get important return on investments.  They plan to invest 1.54 billion US dollars to build the Cancun Dragon Mart. China will retain 40% of stake in this project and Mexico and the US government will share the last 60% - 30% for each of them. 235,000 squares meters will be the size of the building! Warehouses, shops and residential communities for the Chinese builders and sellers will be present.
Project of the Dragon Mart in Cancun

Normally, as the project has already suffered from a few delays in the decision process, the foundation stone will be laid on the fall of 2012. 5 to 7 years will be necessary to see the project through to completion.
American-Development and Canada2Playa meet you in fall in Cancun!


  1. Where did you get your facts? Specifically that the US Government would have a 30% stake in this project?

  2. Woah, if that mart is made a reality Cancún will become a completely foreign city to México! Having a great mart like that would make vacation rentals even more attractive than hotels!