Tuesday, May 1, 2012

American Development Company - Not Takin "NO" For Answer

Casa Playafina,Xpu-ha

There is no better feeling than showing off your creation to the world.  Making an idea, an abstract concept a reality is our specialty.

But ask anyone who has been through multiple construction projects and they will tell you that one that does not go smoothly can be worse than a nightmare. 

American Development Company (www.American-Development.com) was established because of just sort of an experience.  Flashback to 2005, the founders of American Development wanted to do a construction project in Playa del Carmen.  They had a vision they wanted to bring to reality, but after talking to the 4 ‘recommended builders’ in the area, all they ran into was the word ‘NO’.

Could we add insulation to the walls for better energy efficiency?  NO

Could we import black marble and combine it with advanced lighting techniques to do something really special?  NO

What are our options for cabinets?  The same 5 options in every other house.
Can we import Canadian Maple for ours?  NO

For years buyers had settled.  “It’s Mexico” they would say.  That excuse made it OK to accept a “NO”.  It was from there that ADC was born. 

The first thing we did was not to look for builders.  Mexico is full of architects and engineers who know, conceptually, how to build.  The problem was not lack of knowledge in the market, there is a lot of that.  We set out to identify what were the most common issues in construction projects in this area.

After ferocious interviews and research, the horror stories in the local market revolved around 2 issues:

  1. Projects not being done on time
  2. Projects not being done on budget
This problem was lack of imagination and organizational ability.  Once that was identified, those are the talents we looked for.

The team that was originally assembled has grown considerably, but we still look for these same qualities.  By combing the ability to see the vision, with the organizational ability to make it happen, we are proud of the results.

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