Thursday, October 20, 2011

Updated Tourism Report 2011

In 2011 the Riviera Maya has had 3.5 million tourists according to one source. The close of  this year brought 3.5 million tourists from home and abroad. This represents an increase of over 5 percent compared to 2010, said the director of the Tourism Promotion Trust, Flota Dario Ocampo.

He reiterated that as a result of tireless advocacy work led by Governor Roberto Borge Angulo, "We will end with a positive balance in the number of tourists and will also have a successful winter." He explained that in recent months there had been remarkable increase in the number of visitors to the Riviera Maya. Additionally, it has been noted that more than one million tourists are coming from England, France and Russia. 

Moreover, Flota Ocampo said another factor that further boosts the arrival of European tourism is the opening of the flight of the British airline Virgin Atlantic for next year. Thiswill be formally announced at the London Tourism Fair (World Travel Market 2011 ) to be held in November.

Ocampo said, we (Mexico) will be used to demonstrate that the Riviera Maya continues to grow stronger as a major international destination for quality and choice of hotels with
continued rooms opening to  have a capacity of 40 thousand occupancies. 

As tourism levels increase, there is also an increase if in people who are interested in property ownership as well.  If you would like more information on owning property in the Riviera Maya, contact one of our associates at who will be happy to provide with many of the answers to frequently asked questions. 

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