Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shelter information for Hurricane Rina

The Civil Protection Department announced that the entire state of Quintana Roo has over 1000 shelters that are capable of holding  193,000 people in the event of Hurricane Rina according to a bulletin of Social Communication

Of the shelters- 312 are urban, 705 rural, 113 are for tourist with a capacity for 193,000 people, in the town Felipe Carrillo 260; Tulum, 57, Solidarity, 81, Othon P. White, 188; Lazaro Cardenas, 72, Jose Maria Morelos, 118, Isla Mujeres, 18; Cozumel, 12, Benito Juarez, 229, and Bacalar, 95, said the state director of Civil Protection, Luis Carlos Rodriguez Hoy.

Where "Rina" makes landfall on the coastal regions of Quintana Roo the state is ready with more than 1000 shelters distributed in 10 municipalities. The Mexican Army has its mobile kitchens ready and the implementation of Plan DN-III-E (Plan the military's relief to the civilian population in case of disaster) and Marina Plan. For more information on the best ways to protect your property in the event of a hurricane visit www.hfmexico.com 


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