Friday, October 7, 2011

Fact from fiction: Traveling in Mexico´s Destinations

When it comes to finding out the ¨real scoop¨ about Mexico, there are few good questions that need to be asked.  Especially as one gets closer to making that decision to come to visit.  Mainly, one has to really find out the facts from fiction. As we´ve put together several key points on this entry to give you the ¨in road view¨, it should stand to give you the practical side of enjoying a sense of adventure in Mexico while keeping you abreast of the clear signals you must know.

The media reports from the US and Canada do lead the average person into what may be called a ¨dangerous slant.¨ Now for whatever reasons that the media does reinforce this image of Mexico, there are also incredible travel destinations to spend completely positive and safe time.  To travel, meet others, engage community and cultural opportunities, and truly experience the Mexican way. As every country has its issues, Mexico does have travel warnings in certain parts that are at unrest right now.  But the key thing to remember is that areas like Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Adventuras, Merida, and the southern Riviera Maya stand as one of the most tranquil and inviting place one could ever wish to experience the easy and freedom of life of Mexico.

The areas that ¨common sense¨would tell you not to hanging around are certain US border towns and a few other Mexican States. You can view this list at the US state Departments site.

The key thing to remember is that you won´t find one ¨warning¨ article about Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Merida, and the  Riviera Maya. Why is this? It is because there simply isn´t anything to be on high alert about.  The genuine attraction to these destinations is based on their tourist appeal as a destination. So the community is built on a spirit of service, experience, and mult-culturual immersion- as people from all over the world to land and stay in the Riviera Maya.  Even many Native Mexicans love the Playa Del Carmen experience. It is a town all its own, seperate from that of Cancun, which caters more to the ¨spring breaker type of community.¨

Altogether, there is a ¨stitch of cultural fabric¨ in Mexico´s history that can be further learned about and observed while enganging its beautiful travel destinations.  Learning the language and engaging the culture is ¨part of the beauty.¨ Certianly it is true that one should exercise sound travel planning discretion - or common sense- with the plans of carrying only needed amount of finances, etc. The destination areas have access to ATM´s, credit card usage, and all practical ammenities for ¨setting a home base¨ up to begin your mexican adventure, learn more about what you want to pursue, and enjoy the process safely.

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