Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finishing touches: Decorating your new place in the Riviera

What make a house feel like home? Its design. So as you think about the various ways to lend decor we´ve put up few pics of some locale places to show you some of styles, flair, and flamboyance.....

There are numerous places to buy new and used furniture in Playa. To the good surprise of many, what makes playa so unique is the fact that you can have the best of both worlds. What we mean is that you can enjoy venturing to places such as 30 ave and calle 54 to shop the local market scene fur mexian made furniture and designs. Or you can walk into Wal-Mart or Mega to check out other selections or modern furniture designs. This combination of selections makes the entire experience of living in Playa the great experience that it is- Awesome and one of kind.

Moving to a new place in Playa with an attitude of ¨adventure in the design process¨is what makes the experience of buying even that much more exciting. As you take a good look at understanding the value of the real estate in Playa and get a clear picture on your level of comfort, the Finishing Touches are the icing on the cake


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