Monday, August 1, 2011

Mexico takes action to enhance tourist services

According to sector- Under the National Agreement for Tourism (ANT), the Ministry of Tourism reports that this unit has trained over 27 000 tourist service providers across the country, which seeks to strengthen the quality of service to visitors, the tourist culture, update for tour guides and competency standards for the industry. In training, pursuant to action 53 of the Agreement, the goal is to train 78 000 people in the productive tourism nationwide.

At present, the National Agreement recorded significant progress in the different categories, among which also the verification of facilities to ensure quality and price of the offered tourist services and facilities for the internment of foreign visitors to our territory . The Ministry of the Interior, pursuant to Action 2, 3 and 4 of ANT during the first extraordinary session of the Interministerial Committee for Operational Coordination at points of entry into national territory (CICOPI) on July 21, formally installed four Working Groups working on the following tasks: facilitate the entry of tourists into the country, promoting and monitoring mechanisms for pre-admission, increase security and coordinated inspections at points of entry into the country.

Additionally, they have trained 560 public servants attached to points of entry by air, land and sea to improve the quality and safety of immigration services, and has facilitated the entry and exit 18 000 130 passengers and 66 crew thousand on cruise ships performing circuits between Mexican and foreign ports. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in coordination with the Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism Tourism Ministry and Tourism Board of Mexico developed an online course on tourism promotion, which program was conducted between 11 and 24 July to officials assigned to eleven U.S. cities, as well as officials in 17 countries, above, pursuant to action 6 of ANT.

In promoting cultural tourism, the National Council for Culture and Arts and Tourism Ministry on Monday opened July 18 the exhibition "The magic of my people" as part of the commitments in the action 63 of the ANT to publicize the rich mosaic of tradition, culture and art of the magical town. It is estimated that this exhibition will be visited by one million 700 thousand people and is present in the Magical Towns in Taxco, Guerrero, 29 August to 25 September, followed by Patzcuaro Santa Clara del Cobre, Cuitzeo Tlalpujahua, Tepotzotlan , Huasca, Real del Monte, Zacatlán, Cuetzalan, Coatepec, Tapijulapa, Huamantla and Tepoztlan.With the aim of improving the timeliness and quality of tourist services, and strengthen the commercial behavior verification outlined in the action 23 of the NTA. 

The Federal Consumer Protection (PROFECO) has made 876 thousand checks at the national level in the tourism with lines of business such as travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, airlines and trucking, among others, as part of the National Verification and Monitoring, Vacation and Tourism, whose second stage is in place since June 29 and ends on 19 August. The result of these inspections, PROFECO has called on administrative procedure to 235 stores mainly for not displaying prices or respect, provide misleading information and services conditions and market products that no commercial information. Of the approximately 80 000 products tested, more than two thousand 700 non-compliant.

Meanwhile, the Tourism Commission of the Chamber of Deputies began a campaign to publicize the General Tourism Law on radio and television as well, thanks to the agreements of the National Council of Legislators in Tourism (CONLETUR), legislators State working to bring the local tourism regulations to the General Law of Tourism. Finally, with regard to the work of state governments and to improve road signage both local and tourist cities in Baja California will be reversed and a half million pesos and Morelos 800 boards installed Tourist Road Signs Highway network in that entity to advance the action 75 of ANT.