Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Playa´s Ecology Commission issues first report

According to Playa City Hall- Members of the Ecology Commission of the City of Solidarity held the first meeting at which they gave to the progress of their work. Only three days of the "Reciclatón" have collected more than five tons of solid waste. Alberto Farfan Bravo, director general of Environment and Urban Development, said the task of planning implemented by Filiberto Martinez, mayor, aimed at protecting the health of the population and provide a better quality of life for all.

With the campaign "Reciclatón" recyclable material it receives, it meets the City policy that promotes awareness of environmental care in society, by separating materials. The meeting, chaired by Councilman Aguilar Jacinto Silva, announced that it has conducted three days of collection, through which collected five thousand 639 kilos of municipal waste such as paper, cardboard, alkaline batteries, plastic and other materials. The strategy takes place the first Friday of each month. The municipal government established six collection points: Plaza Centro Maya, fractionation Las Palmas, Civic Square "July 28", Puerto Aventuras, Colosio and Bosque Real.

This task prevents solid waste is concentrated in the streets, clogging drains and puddles encourage rainy season and floods. Thus, solidarenses are protected and improved quality of life and environment. Were also reported compliance with federal and state regulations on environmental matters, to implement other works, such as environmental management system. This program integrates the "Kilo Green" which promotes organic farming, through the exchange of material recycled by native plants. The commission consists of the City authorities, educational, civic associations, business and the federal government.

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