Thursday, July 14, 2011

The latest Hotel Occupancy Report

Play Del Carmen´s Tourist services reported an occupancy rate of 80 percent in the first week of summer vacation, with a tendency to an increase of more than 10 percent, the accumulated reflected in the month of July, is of 73.3 percent, according to the Tourism Promotion Trust in the Riviera Maya.

The restaurateurs recorded in the first week of the holiday period, a rebound in sales of 12 percent, against what had been recording in the offseason, but is expected to continue to rise as the days progress.

"We have a balanced level of occupation, this period being longer than the Easter and winter, it spreads the flow of tourists in the month and a half last season, so it is very unlikely to see full were total as before, because in addition to the lengthy period, has to consider that not all tourists arrive in the same week, "said Gerardo Valades Victorio, president of the Business Coordinating Council.

Water service providers reported an occupancy rate of 10 percent more than last week, when they were at 65 percent level of services to tourists. Playa Del Carmen Properties and Vacation Condos are showing increasing signs of occupancy.

While in the shops in the tourist area, do not lift sales even as the affluent visitors who in other years saw the destination is no longer present, because the tourists who arrive with limited resources, but believe this is due to have changed the needs of consumers.

Meanwhile, Jose Angel Ortiz, a car rental agency, emphasized that the level of contracts signed every day in the car rental is 67 percent, which means at least 12 percentage points gained from that initiated school holidays in Mexico. "If tourists are coming in very low profile, seeking the most economical cars and have also reduced the number of rental days, which we should because we won by contract, not the volume," he said.

The statistics department of the Trust for Tourism Promotion of the Riviera Maya, reported that an offer of 38 thousand 517 rooms, the Riviera Maya disposed of 495 000 714 / 4-nights, which are occupied in the period from 1 to 13 July 363 000 320 / 4 nights.

In the same period last year, with 37 000 rooms, the availability was 488 000 532 / 4-nights, of which 337 000 636, were occupied, representing hotel occupancy of 69.1 percent.

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