Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Progress In Tourism

According to the secretary of tourism of Mexico- The Ministry of Tourism notes that there is progress in strengthening the tourism in our country. During the month of May increased by the visit of tourists from other nations have strengthened the air connectivity with the outside world through the announcement of new routes and an increase in the number of flights and frequencies to Mexico, and work continues diversification and strengthening the promotion of Mexico abroad. 

In the month of May grew the arrival of international travelers national territory by air from countries like Brazil, 42.4 percent, Russia at 30.5 percent, China at 24 percent, Korea at 18.5 percent , Australia, at 16.7 percent, Canada and the UK, an increase of 15.8 percent each in the same month last year. The Government of Mexico, through the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Board of Mexico, has strengthened the advocacy work abroad in order to diversify the supply to other nations and become less dependent on tourism from the United States. 

Mexico remains the most visited country by Americans, according to the Department of Commerce, our country has a market share equivalent to 14.7 percent. Importantly, there has been in the first six months of a breakthrough in terms of air connectivity between our country and abroad, allowing the arrival of more visitors to the country. 

Companies like Virgin Atlantic, TAM, LAN, Air Europa, Air France, Aeromexico also have announced new flights and increased frequencies to destinations in our country. The British airline Virgin Atlantic announced that it will operate the Gatwick route to Cancun, which will be operating two flights a week. The recent visit to Brazil the Ministry of Tourism, Gloria Guevara Manzo, Air Transport Company Mercosur (TAM)-the largest in that country, announced that starting this year will start direct flights between Sao Paulo and the City Mexico.  Also, the LAN Chile confirmed that from July there will be five weekly flights between Lima and Cancun, and by October there will be seven frequencies between these destinations. Meanwhile, the Spanish airline Air Europa will start this summer flight between Madrid and Mexico City. This flight will have four weekly flights. 

The company announced that Air France will soon have a direct flight linking Paris to Cancun. This is compounded by the announcement by Aeromexico, which from July will increase its flights from Barcelona to Mexico City, from 4-6 times a week, and before the first half of July, Aeromexico will operate new flights such as: Mexico-Guatemala, Cancun, Miami, Mexico-Guadalajara-San Francisco, Chicago Leon Monterrey, Mexico-Guadalajara-Sacramento Brownsville. 

Result of the work of diversification and increased air connectivity, the Ministry of Tourism estimates that during the summer spending in the tourism sector in our country would be 250 thousand 619 million pesos. During this period, it is expected that 48.4 million people will visit our tourist attractions, such is the case of Mexico routes, colonial sites, Magical Towns, archaeological sites and places for adventure tourism, among others, as well as traditional sunshine. 
Importantly, the importance of domestic tourism, since according to figures from the Tourism Satellite Account of Mexico, participating with 85.7 percent of tourists, while for 14.3 corresponds to international visitors. 

Not to mention, Mundo Maya, which was launched by President Felipe Calderón will strengthen the tourism of our country and is expected to increase in the number of foreign visitors. 
It is estimated that in the remainder of this year and during 2012, more than 52 million tourists will visit the southeastern states of Mexico, which represent a visitor spend in excess of 270 billion pesos.


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