Thursday, May 26, 2011

Keeping the Enviornment First

As responsible development of the Playa Del Carmen area continues, the vision for sound environmental awareness is engaged by the General Directorate of Environmental and Urban development. Recently, environmental education was promoted in the Solidarity with the Fourth State Children's Drawing Contest Organic "Quintana Roo between Forests and Forests.”

The objective of the contest was to instill environmental education and awareness. Playa Del Carmen responded with this contest after listening to people who require conservation and protection of natural resources and realizing the beauty of this area is key for its continued attraction to tourism. The winner will participate in the state, to be held on 5 June, World Environment day

The Director General of Social Development, Sergio Sosa Humberto Tolosa, stressed the importance of involving Playa Del Carmen with the surrounding culture. The competition fostered the unity of the citizenry, by involving teachers and students in 20 schools, as well as parents.

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