Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Construction begins in 1st Quarter 2011 - Playa's Center for Youth Integration

While buying Playa del Carmen real estate brings many advantages to Canadians and Americans, through their purchases and residency in the area, funds have become available for building a better society for the local population as well. Equally as important to the continued attraction of Playa Del Carmen is the development of its local resources to meet the growing changes brought on by the incoming residents.

One example is the Center for Youth Integration which had its construction begun during mid-April 2011. The new center is located in a newly developing area which includes one of the city’s newest hospitals, an upcoming Red Cross clinic, and a number of well laid out working class subdivisions, offering a comfortable lifestyle for the people behind the tourism industry in this city.

The purpose of the center is to offer sports, cultural, educational and healthy entertainment to the area’s youth and avoid social problems before they begin.

While the cost of living is very low for North Americans, and property taxes are likewise low, the income produced for the city goes a long way for the local Mexican community. And a reasonable number of Mexicans from throughout the country have received a much better opportunity for a decent lifestyle because of foreign tourism, foreign investment, and even foreign real estate buyers in the area.

Many expats living in the area also choose to participate more directly in the community, working with kids’ baseball teams, or contributing in some other way to the community’s general well being. To engage this development further, the local Rotary Club is involved with the project and meets every Wednesday at 9:15pm at the Continental Hotel in Phase 1 of PlayaCar. The Rotary meetings are open to the public to learn more or  find ways to participate.


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