Monday, May 9, 2011

CNN - Why you should Move to Mexico!

The news has broke! Even CNN is on board as to why this unique and beautiful area of the Mayan Riviera "is what it is"- to coin a phrase. For years, the state of Quintan Roo Mexico, which hosts the beautiful Mayan Riviera, has long been one of the main stand outs for Mexico. And just last Friday, May 6th, CNN laid claim to recognize this fact.

It is with an added sense of clarity that one can see why the Mayan Riviera is so unique. As the mainstream US press recognizes this same fact, we are glad to stand in support of such expression of the truth. The Riviera or Mexican Caribe is not at all like the current circumstances in northern or north-central parts of Mexico. And to debunk such misinterpretations is a welcome and bit over due sight to us here in Playa Del Carmen. Even as we do stand in support of all the efforts to make a better Mexico in all of her 32 states.

Simply put, it has always been the case that the Riviera is as safe as possible. It has always been best for business, and for Mexico. With the support of CNN behind it now, everyone can see this fact. The State and Federal levels of Mexican Authority have always known that the Mayan Riviera holds its best tourism destination. The Riviera produces upwards of 65% of Mexico's total tourism tax revenues. And it is a 'stich in the fabric' of these Mexican agencies to continually make every practical effort to this keep this area safer than your own home with integrity.

This article from CNN couldn't be better timed to foster the respect that is so deserving of this special place. We say thanks, and please help yourself to the recent published article...

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