Saturday, September 25, 2010

Riviera Maya in Times Square

At the beginning of this month the Riviera Maya was in the heart of the Big Apple, New York.

This amazing destination was advertised in the Times Square “Jumbotron”. This giant screen placed on one side of old New York Times building where it's estimated daily traffic of 1.5 million people. As you know, the Times Square Jumbotron is located in the most important intersection in Manhattan and is the most spectacular “spectacular”.

The neon sign displayed on the wall of The New York Times is one of the more representative 'pictures' of the Big Apple. It’s here where thousands of tourists take the classic souvenir photo. The Riviera Maya transmitted 25 spots a day and more than 100 times in a week, on a schedule from 9 am to one o'clock.

Times Square is a space known by its ongoing business and huge digital advertising, which are also common in the Red Square in Moscow, Russia; Trafalgar Square London, England, and the Tiananmen Square in Beijing China.

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